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spreading by diffusion

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I claim that when read with post-structuralist theories of literature and subjectivity, Orlando shows its subversive and disseminative potentials.
From the perspective of the above theoretical considerations Orlando appears like a highly eroticised text where (in the constitutive distance from the phallus) the imaginary, the unconscious, and the drives of the body take unusually active parts in producing joyful, disseminative writing.
The dissemination of expert knowledge and the physical requisites for conducting scientific research are rightly regarded as global public goods, (5) but the potential for serious misuse of biological knowledge is a particularly striking example of a problem that is woven into the fabric of our globalized world: the nature and extent of disseminative systems that defy centralized control and in some instances, even comprehensive understanding.
The disseminative systems under discussion here are human systems--that is, constructs of human striving and manifestations of human culture.
However, there is more to the nature of disseminative systems than the passive quality of being or having been disseminated.
Disseminative systems facilitate human movement, but they also--perhaps more importantly--facilitate exchange: physical (including illicit drugs as well as medicines, small arms, and laboratory samples); symbolic (electronic currency exchange and the online buying and selling of shares); and ideational--greatly enhanced by the development of the World Wide Web.
Three types of disseminative systems can be identified.
There are also organizational disseminative systems.
The organizational aspect of disseminative systems is what makes possible uses that are also unplanned, unregulated, and sometimes illegal.
The third type of disseminative system is epistemic.
This is not merely a tale of corporate loss; it also points to the kinds of regulatory difficulties that disseminative systems have begun to generate.
Hip hop sampling has a disseminative function which tends to be ignored, especially if we refer to the sample as recycling and be done with it.
The results of the analysis revealed that among the four determinants, absorptive capacity had the strongest effect on the dependent variable, closely followed by characteristics of the relations among senders and receivers, and disseminative capacity.
Variables measuring the disseminative capacity of knowledge senders and the absorptive capacity of knowledge receivers were strongly positively correlated (p < 0.
Were its position purely critical, or purely disseminative, were its effect only the inspiration of paranoia, it would most likely ward off its readers.