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spreading by diffusion

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Particular disseminative media also persist (live broadcasts, the persistence of some version of 'television set' apparatus within most homes) alongside new alternatives.
His silence can be seen as an understandable response to history and is testimony 'that nothing much comes to mind' and to 'the disseminative effect of thought itself' (Bollas 1995, p.
It is disseminative, proliferating forms, types, and patterns.
Fangcheng Tang's study operationalizes the concept of disseminative capacity and analyses differences in disseminative capacity of network members.
This point is but one implication of the focus on the trace, which emphasizes the conditions that must govern "meaning-making" as a disseminative and differential process.
Many of those who finally undertake analysing it David Dowling, Howard Harper, or Makiko Minow-Pinkey, for example--basically fail to step out of the good-old category of modernism, which often prevents them from taking notice of such characteristics of the novel as its strong narrative drive, the importance of metafiction and its parody of different styles and discourses, not to mention the particular interrelations of love, desire and disseminative writing.
Coleridge's "linguistic turn" is thus not an embracing of the disseminative power of language in the vein of twentieth-century deconstruction.
As I have already discussed, some scholars have problematically resorted to the originary truth of the medieval text as a strategy to arrest and contain the disseminative movement of that text's meaning across its medievalist iterations.
A question: Assuming that a publication, by its very expository and disseminative nature, is fated to perpetuate such cycling, how might it implicate that cycling nonetheless?
Colonial Williamsburg at great expense has used Jefferson's list to furnish the library of the Brush-Everard House, and thus to make the point that the culture of Virginia and to a lesser degree of the South was "absorptive" (the word of the Research Department of Colonial Williamsburg), while that of the Northeast "written and disseminative.
Disseminative systems are identified as central to the organization and dynamism of humanity's globalized condition.
that warn us against imagining that theory could be anything other than a disseminative broadcasting of ideas that inevitably undergo multiple displacements, hybridisations, misroutings, misconstructions, and mutations.
9), believing that the South Asian (and Black) presence in Britain (whether in the shape of demographics or in less individualized and more disseminative forms) dates only from the post-World War II period.
Achieving this has not been done through a poetics that conveys the mistress's voice by representing or enclosing it in some polyphonic or disseminative text.
The first involved Adorno's ruminations on the degree to which mimesis (artistic representation) is not a copying or transcription of the given, but instead, a dialectical or disseminative process involving what Adorno calls "the non-conceptual affinity of a subjective creation with its object and positive other.