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The fibrocalcific nodules found on the chest radiograph imply that either 1) the patient might have had histoplasmosis for years and it became disseminated because of immunosuppressive therapy for rheumatoid arthritis or 2) the patient was reinfected with the calcified lesions that resulted from prior histoplasmosis.
ROS options have been allocated to lead market maker Eric Haron of Susquehanna Investment Group, who assures that the disseminated market quote is firm for 20 contracts.
Most of these infections were disseminated and often resulted in chronic infection.
Langerhans' cell histiocytosis can manifest as three distinct clinicopathologic entities: acute disseminated Langerhans' histiocytosis (previously known as Letterer-Siwe disease), unifocal Langerhans' cell histiocytosis (previously known as eosinophilic granuloma).
There is no single regimen that is believed to be effective against disseminated Acanthamoeba infections, and the prognosis is usually poor.
Idiopathic disseminated bacillus Calmette-Gudrin infection: a French national retrospective study.
Information stored and distributed in electronic form provides additional avenues through which CHI can be disseminated.
The sediments have been altered pervasively and appear to contain finely disseminated sulphides.
Once an outbreak is substantiated and considered of public health importance, information is rapidly disseminated to a network of international partners.
b) Disseminated type mineralization occurs in the Launay felsic intrusive rocks where gold-bearing pyrite is disseminated in a massive intrusive phase rich in plagioclase feldspar ("albitite"); this type of mineralization is found in Zone "75".
28 /PRNewswire/ -- Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) announced today a new indication for Biaxin (clarithromycin), its macrolide antibiotic, for the treatment of disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC).
The vision for BARD-Web is a knowledge-based system that promotes interoperability where (1): state/local personnel input casualty data at the scene; (2) casualty data are quickly disseminated and transformed into statistical information that can be used by state and federal officials to target at-risk populations; and (3) statistical information is transformed into knowledge and ultimately intelligence that can be applied to enhance the safety and security of the public using our nation's waterways.
The trials compared Mycobutin to placebo in preventing disseminated MAC infection in PWAs who have CD4 counts of 200 or less.
The frequency and severity with which disseminated MAC occurs makes the prevention of this infection an important goal in the management of patients with advanced HIV infection," states Fred Gordin, M.