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who endeavoured to make everyone believe that they were ignorant of letters, and, dissembling their knowledge, gave the impression that their speeches were made very simply, as if they had been prompted by nature and truth rather than study or artifice.
We had deluded each other, bringing to the table not our honesty and our trust that we would be loved no matter how honest we were, but our practised dissembling.
The individuals in our model exhibit heterogenous psychic costs of dissembling which cannot be observed by the tax collector.
The seductive embrace of girls dissembling love in the riot of Carnival nights, escaping into the dawn, was the cruellest charade; at these rituals of youth, he felt betrayed by age.
I always felt bad for the artists, good and bad, who hadn't mastered the art of dissembling ambition: they would just blatantly get my unlisted phone number and call me up, beg me to come to their studio, write about them, anything.
Unlike conventional, bulky X-ray methods - which use film, require dissembling of the plane, and produce fuzzy pictures--this system employs small probes placed into or behind the material, without taking the plane apart.
Originally, the President was blunt, if somewhat dissembling.
In an age of political soundbites and dissembling, Charles Kennedy's courageous stand on the highly controversial, emotive and moral issue of the Iraq War, is a timeless lesson of one of the most important of virtues and a potent reminder of the human spirit.
Gordon Brown was aware of it in his dissembling "British jobs for British workers" false claim - but he and Labour were more interested in condemning real people as "bigots" if they raised the subject.
MPs' expenses, the farce of Prime Minister's Questions and the sheer arrogance and constant dissembling of ministers and opposition spokesmen all create an attitude in the youth of today of "why bother, they are all as bad as each other.
Whether scowling, dissembling or - best of all - ad-libbing, Moody has the crucial advantage for pantomime of not having the audience on his side, and plays it with the seasoned skill you would expect.
Mr Cameron's refusal to give a direct answer to the question of whether he took drugs or not is reminiscent of the dissembling evasiveness of many politicians that has left most of us cynical about most of them
Administration officials have spent the past year being evasive, dissembling, and repeatedly misrepresenting their proposal and its effects on workers.
Another no-brainer from the still dissembling Two Brains.