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So persuasive and widely accepted are these accounts of the role of sprezzatura in courtly display that there seems little point in challenging them, particularly since Javitch and Saccone offer such brilliant analyses of Fregoso's take on this dissembling figure in book 2.
Furthermore, if renegotiation of the penalty is recognized before taxpayers report their income, then they will estimate that the expected cost of dissembling is below what it otherwise would be.
MPs' expenses, the farce of Prime Minister's Questions and the sheer arrogance and constant dissembling of ministers and opposition spokesmen all create an attitude in the youth of today of "why bother, they are all as bad as each other.
Whether scowling, dissembling or - best of all - ad-libbing, Moody has the crucial advantage for pantomime of not having the audience on his side, and plays it with the seasoned skill you would expect.
Mr Cameron's refusal to give a direct answer to the question of whether he took drugs or not is reminiscent of the dissembling evasiveness of many politicians that has left most of us cynical about most of them
Another no-brainer from the still dissembling Two Brains.
He calls Barnum a "serial-hoaxer" in whose hands "poetic license was often a license to steal"; he stresses the showman's profitable deceptions and schemes," his "knack for making capital out of falsehood," and his "habitual dissembling.
It was almost as if he were saying that tax deductions on luxury vacation homes for the rich somehow justify promotions of minority police officers who failed a test or toleration of Glenda Brawley's [Tawana's dissembling mother] refusal to answer a subpoena," Sleeper writes.
With the completion of this dissembling, the total number of ERJ family jets disassembled by AeroVision will reach 31.
Gordon Brown was aware of it in his dissembling "British jobs for British workers" false claim - but he and Labour were more interested in condemning real people as "bigots" if they raised the subject.
Either Hague doesn't know what he's talking about, which is worrying in a Foreign Secretary, he is badly advised, equally worrying, or he knows and is dissembling.
The one thing I was not doing was dissembling in that position.
Most of us, regardless of our political affiliation, are selective moralists we denounce the sins we don't commit, while dissembling about the ones we do.