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a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives

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The scenes of Kuhn and his uncle at his hotel room are also striking in showing Kuhn to be a dissembler, hiding his "true" background.
He was always a dissembler who appropriated like a juggler the poems of others.
Pop's varied past, particularly outside the Western canon, needs to be reassessed and its meaning as an agitator and dissembler recognized.
Ancient Light is a brilliant meditation on desire and loss, which also skillfully reminds us, even warns us, that 'Madam Memory is a great and subtle dissembler.
Although Breitbart's reputation as a dissembler was well known, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack panicked after the video went viral.
Etymologically, the term hypocrite is derived from the Greek hypocrites, which means "an actor," "a dissembler," "someone with skills at displaying a counterfeit persona.
Turner--"scurrilous Frank Turner" as Short calls him (19)--who repeatedly sought (in works such as John Henry Newman: The Challenge to Evangelical Religion [2002]) to revise the man into a consummate dissembler, smoldering with psychosexual repression and irrational political vendettas.
I know him personally very well, but he is such a deceptive person; he's a habitual liar and dissembler.
The problem with writing about Ramadan is that the man is an expert dissembler, to the point that deciphering his views is akin to translating an ancient text written in a dead language.
Ashraf is described as ruthless, dull-witted, gifted with electronics, and, beyond that, a doubler and dissembler of his own identity.
Baritone Gregory Dahl, a regular in EO productions, portrayed an Iago who, if he had the courage, could have been a usurper rather than a dissembler.
But Berman calls him a dissembler and climbs through Ramadan's family tree, discussing his grandfather, Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, a sort of Islamic version of the IRA, and its expedient-and innovative--resonance with Naziism; Ramadan's grandfather, Berman points out, claimed Hitler as one of his inspirations.
It is this faith in people that trumps his sense of sin just when we need it most-to call to account a dissembler like Palin or a warmonger like Cheney.
Both Defoes--the dissembler and the earnest seeker of truth--hover over one of his greatest creations, A Journal of the Plague Year.