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a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives

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The scenes of Kuhn and his uncle at his hotel room are also striking in showing Kuhn to be a dissembler, hiding his "true" background.
1233b36-1234a4: "The sincere or simple, or as he is called, the straightforward man, is a mean between the dissembler and the boaster.
Historians also face the same problem that his contemporaries did in trying to understand him: Stalin was a consummate dissembler.
Far from finding Clinton's lies a point of shame, many liberals admired his Machiavellian maneuvering, what they saw as his dissembler derring-do.
The dissembler Vershbow wants to modernize the militaries of these American puppet states and "seize the opportunity to create the reality on the ground by accepting membership of aspirant countries into NATO".
So far I looked at extrapolations of irony in its initial sense, as a dissembler, saying what it does not mean.
The jury's out with this dissembler ringing in their ears: The United States has purposely avoided choosing sides.
A Discovered Dissembler can Achieve Nothing Great'; Or, Four Thesis on the Death of Presidential Rhetoric in an Age of Empire.
In fact, during his career he has been known by friends and foes alike to be a bit of a dissembler and a maneuverer.
He was always a dissembler who appropriated like a juggler the poems of others.
Pop's varied past, particularly outside the Western canon, needs to be reassessed and its meaning as an agitator and dissembler recognized.
Although Breitbart's reputation as a dissembler was well known, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack panicked after the video went viral.
Ancient Light is a brilliant meditation on desire and loss, which also skillfully reminds us, even warns us, that 'Madam Memory is a great and subtle dissembler.
Etymologically, the term hypocrite is derived from the Greek hypocrites, which means "an actor," "a dissembler," "someone with skills at displaying a counterfeit persona.