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a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives

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Baritone Gregory Dahl, a regular in EO productions, portrayed an Iago who, if he had the courage, could have been a usurper rather than a dissembler.
Butler Yeats' interpretation, according to which Berkeley is considered a deft dissembler, willing to hide a kind of messianic and visionary 'super-religion'.
attorneys, which makes him appear a feckless manager, a dissembler, or both.
By the time my guide and I finally came upon the ghost of Pete Rose, known to all those in this bewildering baseball afterworld as the Dissembler, he was already gambling.
The second suite, "Wonderful/Song For Children/Child is the Father of the Man/Surf's Up" seems to dwell on Wilson's difficult relationship with his own father, who goaded his precocious brood into rock stardom, and now, sadly, is embroiled in legal battles with the band over the great dissembler of all art, money.
Based on the life of the biologist whose published work helped kick off the sexual revolution in North America, the great dissembler is here portrayed by Irish actor Liam Neeson, a lapsed Catholic.
color) Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles, is gaining a reputation among Sacramento lawmakers as a dissembler.
If the facts of a case give rise to a duty to disclose under Johnson, the seller's state of mind motivating the failure to disclose is immaterial; the forgetful or unsophisticated seller is just as liable as the knowing dissembler.
The onely thing that I doubt of this in my dedication, is that your worshipp shall haue cause to account mee a deepe dissembler and one that hath byn more lauish in promise, then he is able to pay with performance.
Those there knew the truth and Byers the dissembler had arrived.
Jesus also liked the Greek word for "actor" hypocrites, a dissembler.
In this opening description, the narrator explicitly depicts Thorpe as a dissembler, able to manipulate his public identity to suit his private intentions.
A forward-thinking IBM could have been a force behind creating a unified Unix, rather than a dissembler, since a unified Unix would have at least preempted Windows NT even if IBM would have to share Unix with the rest of the world.
Note that to identify an individual's private preferences as being in conflict among themselves is not to label him a hypocrite or dissembler.