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a display of insincere behavior

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However, if dissemblance defines respectability among generations of black women, if archives are largely indifferent to the existence of what Simmons calls "marginalized and sometimes invisible citizens," and if, as Chatelain writes, "many girls' footprints are subsumed within the giant steps of adults," then how is one to access their voices?
1) However, as a Black woman, I am fully aware of and impacted by the culture of dissemblance (silence, shame, masking, secrecy, disavowal of sexuality, protection from exploitation) and the politics of representation and respectability (don't be the stereotype; if you act like a stereotype you are deserving of abuse) around Black women's sexuality.
No wonder Clegg wants to bring an end to the whole pointless shambles where straight answers are never given when dissemblance is a plausible alternative.
Yet at the same time, his strong interest in the dissemblance of youth suggests that he is also strangely fascinated with such obvious disregard for age.
Psychological dissemblance can occur in African-on-African interaction, but when the dissimulation takes place in the Eurasian's presence the presumed underlying drive state may be strongest.
une theatralite des relations--a partir du moment ou l'on prend acte de dissemblance que souppose, dans un seul object, l'enchainemant lui-meme, le passage, le deplacement perpetuel d'images en images contraditoires" (Didi-Huberman, 1992: 94).
Darlene Clark Hine's now classic essay, "Rape and the Inner Lives of Black Women: Thoughts on the Culture of Dissemblance," is but one example of scholarship in black studies in the early 1990s that initiated a conversation about sexuality at a time when the topic was still taboo.
Face a la dissemblance des positions des uns et des autres, les deux parties se sont donne un delai de 1 mois pour mener les reflexions necessaires.
Bush's national security adviser and later as secretary of state was marked by deception, dissemblance and incompetence.
Confounded by the dissemblance of his Parisian experience to his book-fueled aspirations, Balzac's Lucien, for a time, seeks refuge from reality in the consoling atmosphere of the bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve (5: 293).
Central to such psychic self-preservation is a strategy of ambiguity, dissemblance, and porosity.
Coleman concludes, "Griggs understood that dissemblance could not maintain such a system.
Yet the advance of culture and the development of human needs and talents have been accompanied by increasing moral corruption, producing such particular evils as luxury, dissemblance, inequality, and disdain for virtue.
In developing the powerful theoretical tool of the "culture of dissemblance," Darlene Clark Hine uncovers reasons for the archival silence about black women's sexual lives.
An additional catalyst for General Motors was Georges Didi-Huberman's book Fra Angelico: Dissemblance and Figuration, recommended to Davis by Steven Bambury.