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having one or more incisions reaching nearly to the midrib


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Lubbock made drawings for me with the camera lucida of the jaws which I had dissected from the workers of the several sizes.
An unprecedented public outrage ensued after the giraffe was put down with a bolt gun, before little children were allowed to watch his body being chopped, dissected and fed to the lions.
But only hanged murderers' bodies were allowed to be dissected.
After harvest, lamb tissues were dissected into subqtaneous fat (SubQ), internal fat (perirenal), seam fat, dissected lean, bone, semimembranosus muscle (SM), and Psoas major muscle (PsM) and weights recorded.
By studying different episodes in nineteenth-century Scotland, England, and Australia, MacDonald speaks for the destitute, whose bodies had been dissected, snatched, or dismembered: "To say that it was wrong to prey on the poor in this way is not to transpose modern sensibilities on to the past.
Animals were then sacrificed and whole brains dissected for determination of total luciferase activities.
It is said that the filmmaker behind ``Psycho,'' ``Rear Window'' and other classics chatted with the skull, which had been dissected for study.
And just as he dissected and outlined the physical body, he sought to find and paint the spirit.
The researchers then dissected the birds' brains and checked the activity of the gene zenk, which turns on during processing of important sounds.
Unlike real frogs that have been dissected, the computer-frog's organs still work.
Douglas said he has found that many cats are dissected in Grades 5 through 7.
The posterior portion of the hyoid bone was dissected along with its overlying periosteum.
In Ligasure diathermy, hemorrhoidal tissue is coagulated with the bipolar Ligasure and is then divided with scissors until the entire hemorrhoid is dissected.
Explains Carr: "One lesson on the parts of a flower required that the flower be dissected and examined.