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Synonyms for dissatisfactory

not up to expectations

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Ability to meet deadlines 12 10 Somewhat Somewhat satisfactory Dissatisfactory 1.
This in turn is will result in student assimilating most, if not all, dissatisfactory experiences.
Incidents were also reported in which other customers' body odor offended to the point of creating a dissatisfactory and memorable experience.
In December 2007, due to the dissatisfactory business development, a program designed to improve efficiency was decided.
She said the government had declared the performance of doctors as dissatisfactory and this sparked the rallies of medics who had been on the road since January 1.
It was also decided in the meeting that staff colony of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has become hub of criminals and the security situation there is also dissatisfactory adding that data would also be collected about private persons residing in staff colony.
Due to dissatisfactory quality of assets not producing sufficient money flow the bank did not timely fulfil its liabilities to depositors and creditors.
The court observed that so far the Election Commission could address grievances of not more than 10 percent of the complainants, what the bench remarked, was a dissatisfactory ratio.
The questioning could set the stage for a subsequent impeachment of the president should the lawmakers find his answers dissatisfactory.
and 4) if GOSS had everything in place, why covered some areas and left some areas uncovered in Southern Sudan during the exercise of the census and why we had dissatisfactory result?
The economic components of the Sino-Russian relationship - where real attachments are tested - are also dissatisfactory, at least from China's point of view.
dissatisfactory to some of the States" and "difficult to the Convention.
The petitioner Yousaf Khan Paul in his petition informed the court that security provided by police to all churches in federal capital was temporary and dissatisfactory, due to which Christian community is feeling sense of insecurity.
The court expressing annoyance over the way the probe was being conducted said that NAB's action in the case was dissatisfactory.
What makes things even more complicated is the dissatisfactory Cabinet reshuffle which implies the lack of political will to change the policies of the toppled regime," it added.