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not up to expectations

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Interpretation--In the second service dimension also the service level is found to be dissatisfactory.
20) If these simple rules produced dissatisfactory results, a partnership could correct the results contractually through its partnership agreement.
Shadow Welsh Secretary and MP Owen Smith described the announcement as a "deeply dissatisfactory delaying tactic".
To put it in a simple way, people can still experience thermally dissatisfactory in the places where although temperature are within the comfort zone, the local air velocity and MRT are not.
What is needed is a break from the present dissatisfactory arrangement through demonstrable political will, enactment of enabling legislative instruments, creation of workable financial administrative framework and judicious management of available financial resources.
In effect, the Liberals are acknowledging that part of the declining political fortune of their leader is due to his negativity which has caused his latest Newspoll to register a 63 per cent dissatisfactory rating of his performance.
Dinka Malual Chiefs expressed their dissatisfactory to Munroe -- Weatley agreements in Babanusa on 24th to 29th, March, 1935 that correct suggestions of 1924 agreement, the General Agreement of our traditional leaders at Safah on April 16th ,1959.
Expressing his strong dissatisfactory at the conference, Erdogan said: "No one can claim that the UN Security Council is based on justice in dealing with the Syrian issue.
Reform UN is necessary," Erdogan expressed his strong dissatisfactory at the conference.
Unfortunately, depending on the patience level of franchise directories and portals is often one good lead away from a long-term business relationship or one dissatisfactory lead away from a short-term relationship.
Taipei, May 28, 2012 (CENS) -- Due to economic slump, dissatisfactory size of pay raise and thinner year-end bonus than last year, the average monthly salary of employees in the industrial and service sectors in the first quarter reached NT$55,667 (US$1855.
The initial portion of the survey instrument contained questions that required subjects to report the details of a recent online purchase with a dissatisfactory experience that led to their lodging a complaint.
Also, the research studies indicate that the elaboration and supply of educational software are dissatisfactory for important segment of teachers, the biggest impediment being the software acquisition cost problem.
Although it is customary to categorize goods according to whether they are consumer goods, producer goods, or media of exchange (a viewpoint shared by Mises), and in fact there are reasons to consider money to be neither a producer good nor a consumer good, this is a somewhat dissatisfactory state of affairs theoretically.
The education system is so dissatisfactory that students unwillingly come to schools.