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Synonyms for dissatisfaction

Synonyms for dissatisfaction

unhappiness caused by the failure of one's hopes, desires, or expectations

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Although it was expected that voice response would be most frequent for grocery problems, in actuality automotive-repair dissatisfactions yield the highest use of voice (84 percent of respondents).
The test of hypothesis was limited to dissatisfactions resulting from grocery, automotive repair, and medical care problems.
This notion oc compensatory mechanisms is clearly evident for grocery (voice = 76 percent, private = 32 percent; exit = 13 percent, W-O-M = 28 percent) and medical care (voice = 48 percent, private = 66 percent; exit = 49 percent, W-O-M = 57 percent) dissatisfactions.
The Joint Commission Journal on Quality Improvement states that "health care organizations need systems not only for reacting to patient complaints but also for preventing as much dissatisfaction as possible from occurring in the first place.
What health professionals can do to identify and resolve patient dissatisfaction.
July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Would you like to see job dissatisfaction retired?
A campaign to retire job dissatisfaction was announced today by 29-year human resources veteran, Jeff Garton, author and president of Career Contentment, Inc.
initiated and manages the Campaign To Retire Job Dissatisfaction.
Gamble also noted the recent letter, sent to the chief executives of brokers, expressing the FSA's dissatisfaction at the slowness of progress toward automatic disclosure of remuneration.
Hence, research examining the association between media exposure to depictions of the thin-ideal body and body dissatisfaction in women has received a great deal of scholarly attention in the fields of communication studies and public health (e.
Television has been criticized for promoting the thin-ideal female body that contributes to women's body dissatisfaction, body disturbance, and eating disorders.
However, this should not be taken to mean that watching television has a causal effect on viewer' body dissatisfaction and drive for thinness.
Researchers using the personality/attitude model found positive correlations between community involvement and public complaints (Warland, Herrmann, and Moore 1984), that consumerism is associated with public complaints (Bearden 1983), that when consumers attribute the cause of dissatisfaction to themselves public complaints decrease (Valle and Wallendorf 1977), and that consumer perceptions as to controllability of a problem by a seller positively influences the desire to complain (Folkes, Koletsky, and Graham 1987).
Findings indicated that increased dissatisfaction with higher priced items increases the probability of making a public complaint directly to the seller; older persons and women are less likely to have complaints resolved; and women are less likely to repurchase the same service if dissatisfied, even if the complaint is resolved.
Riordan long has made clear his dissatisfaction with the management of the LAPD under Williams, and allowed the commission to try to reprimand him last year over allegations he lied about taking a free room in Las Vegas.