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Synonyms for dissatisfaction

Synonyms for dissatisfaction

unhappiness caused by the failure of one's hopes, desires, or expectations

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Explaining why researchers have tended to focus on females over males, Davison and Birch (2001) noted that females exhibit greater concern about body image dissatisfaction and concern about their body weight.
Overall, white girls reported significantly more body dissatisfaction than did African American girls.
Another significant source of dissatisfaction was the degree of ambiguity students perceived as they negotiated the experience of the performance-based program.
Ironically, dissatisfaction in areas that traditional outsourcing was expected to improve, such as costs and complexity, was found to be the primary reason behind participants' unhappiness.
Their perception of their peers' body dissatisfaction was linked to their own level of body dissatisfaction.
Commenter also expressed dissatisfaction with Bank's level of service in the Rocky Mount area.
The study also examined theories from the psychology of justice and trust literature for predicting the attitudes of the parents regarding their dissatisfaction with the juvenile court system, the unfairness of the third parties (that is, social work mediators or judges), and the degree of settlement achieved in the cases.
48 per cent of the participants expressed dissatisfaction with their chosen profession.
While SPA has been shown to be closely related to body dissatisfaction (Bartlewski, Van Raalte, & Brewer, 1996; Lantz et al.
Large majorities in almost every country express dissatisfaction with the way things are going in their own countries and in the world as a whole.
In fact, because body dissatisfaction is the single strongest predictor of eating disorder symptomology (Archibald, Graber, & BrooksGunn, 1999; Franko & Omori, 1999; Leon, Fulkerson, Perry, & Cudeck, 1993), body dissatisfaction during puberty "may predispose the adolescent to develop eating problems in middle to late adolescence" (Attie & Brooks-Gunn, p.
Patients expressed dissatisfaction with the merger and downsizing of offices; they viewed these changes as promoting a less pleasant office environment and over-crowded facility.
Missing from the survey on employee dissatisfaction was a question as to the amount of value an employee brings to his/her employer.
Of that group, 42 percent said that dissatisfaction with the public school environment (safety, drugs, adverse peer pressure) was their reason for launching a home education program.
In addition, with age has come a certain dissatisfaction and reevaluation of careers and life, especially the work-life balance.