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Synonyms for diss

treat, mention, or speak to rudely

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It is only that our country has financial challenges, I would have asked for funding for the DIS to be increased because they should lead the way in finding out which things could be possible threats to the country's security.
If the sender or receiver component has no DIS, or their DISs failed at runtime, the communication cannot occur.
This kind of diss is what's known as passive-aggressive--a comment that appears way innocent but makes a stinging point.
Test scores from PDT and DISS should reflect this phenomenon.
A t-statistic was computed between the DISS mean scores for the Canadian and United States high schools as depicted in Table 1 below.
He even teased a snap on Twitter where he is seen recording his diss track.
When triggered, Know Diss automatically sends an email to the parent which reads: "The following text has been picked up on your child's Facebook account.
In total, DISS is comprised of 200 true/false type items with 25 items in each of the eight part scores as shown in Table 1.
Meanwhile, the "No Frauds" hitmaker appears to be unfazed by the diss as she instead focused on celebrating the 10th anniversary of her first mixtape with her fans.
I did not diss Taylor Swift and I've never dissed her
It was kept in the future Royal's pencil case and she used it as a nine-year-old schoolgirl during lessons at the all-girl Riddlesworth Hall preparatory school in Diss, Norfolk.
DISS Jay-Z or his mates and he'll diss one of your tracks.
The February issue "Most Love-Starved Skaters" fall-out continues: vert veteran Justin "J Ly" Lynch didn't take the documented diss laying down, and wrote a manifesto stating his case.
The DISS test is comprised of 200 true/false type items that are distributed with 25 in each of the eight part scores.