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The disruptors range from emerging competitors using new, disruptive business models to the explosion of data from always-on devices and revolutionary consumer experiences that force businesses to transform their entire operations," explained John Cummings, principal, KPMG U.
The results were released as Virgin announced its next Virgin Disruptors live event where Sir Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg and Arianna Huffington among others will be debating the future of workplace wellbeing.
The Seattle-based Lass described the history of disruptive technology and the way new ideas and practices undercut the old and told the audience that the disruptors tended to share an awareness of what he called "consumer pain points.
As the scientist who coined the term "endocrine disruptor," Theo--as we had the privilege to call her--played a watershed role in the field of environmental health science, particularly in raising public awareness of the effects of chemical contaminants on human health and the environment.
The objective of the contract is to support the European Commission in the implementation of the EU strategy on endocrine disruptors and of the actions on endocrine disruptors agreed in the 7th EAP.
The study indicated that endocrine disruptors might disturb the precisely coordinated sequence of events underlying fertilization in several ways, i.
The value created during the big bang phase dwindles and former disruptors need to redeploy their assets--or lose their value and fall victim to disruption in the next cycle.
The Endocrine Society, the Pediatric Endocrine Society, the European Society of Pediatric Endocrinology and the President's Cancer Panel have all warned about endocrine disruptors -- also referred to as EDCs, for endocrine disrupting chemicals.
Some of the themes that the Endocrine Disruptors conference will cover include; OECD framework, EU testing scheme, EPA's EDSP, dose response ranges, EDC's and food contact, evaluation of in vitro and in vivo test methods.
In a January study, "Top Five Disruptors in the Next Five Years for Insurers," Novarica says shifting consumer expectations, including a "diminished customer tolerance for delay and complexity," mean insurers will have to rethink how they offer their products.
John Peterson Myers, a co-author of the 1996 book on endocrine disruptors, Our Stolen Future, said the current regulatory approach based on setting safe levels for exposure to chemicals was not suitable for endocrine disruptors because their effect on human genes was unpredictable, in some cases posing a greater hazard at lower exposure than at higher exposure.
While Deirdre recognizes that most people won't want to get as heavily invested in chemical research as she has, she said the book's message boils down to this essential: "With cleaning products, it's important that you're not using ingredients that have been listed as possible or known carcinogens, neurotoxins, hormone disruptors, endocrine disruptors and teratogens: no ammonia, no chlorine bleach, no phosphate, no formaldehyde, no benzene, no toluene, no petroleum-based ingredients.
She focused on the effects of estrogen and several other steroids that are known as endocrine disruptors.
Scientists often refer to these chemicals as "endocrine disruptors.