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Another defendant in the case was sentenced to five and a half years and a fine of EGP 20,000 for disrupting the constitutional referendum.
The movies should tell the story of their startup and how they are disrupting their industry, using images and footage of the team, product, logos, website and anything that makes their startup unique.
Basmah bint Mubarak bin Said Al Kyoumiyah, born in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1984 and working as a legal advisor, was sentenced to one-year imprisonment for crowding with the intention of creating riot and disrupting traffic movement;
In another case, the court sentenced Hussein Ali Ibrahim to four years' imprisonment for taking part in illegal assemblies, disrupting public security and rioting.
Four leaders of a disaffected city union were arrested Tuesday for disrupting the City Council's meeting during a massive demonstration protesting the lack of progress in contract negotiations.
17, disrupting an aircraft guidance system at Tokyo's Haneda airport and causing delays to commercial flights.
In the United States, urban geeks are disrupting telecommunication-company plans and creating free, citywide wireless networks by making their Internet connections accessible without charge (see "The Broadband Militia," by Michael Behar, March).
In addition to disrupting the endocrine systems of animals by mimicking natural hormones, these chemicals--including the pesticides DDT and methyl parathion--are disrupting the Earth's flow of nitrogen (nitrogen is a crucial plant nutrient and is essential for protein synthesis by animals).
A British man has been charged with disrupting a Cyprus Airways flight from London, UK to Cyprus on Friday evening (22 June) after the flight was diverted to Thessaloniki, Greece when he became drunk and disorderly.
Burn corporations are shell corporations created using fictitious names and addresses for the purpose of disrupting a paper (or electronic) trail that would identify the beneficiary of an illicit financial transaction.
Carbendazim, the most common fungicide in the UK, is suspected of disrupting human hormone systems.
As you can see, it combines the 4 best elements of the pressure game with the benefits of zone coverage -- thus disrupting the timing of the plays while: (1) furnishing the security of the deep zone coverage, (2) enabling you to destroy blocking schemes while (3) retaining the benefits of the run support provided by zone coverage.
TechCrunch Disrupt brings together both the innovators of disrupting technology and media and the companies that are successfully turning disruption into opportunity.
Cloud Technology Partners, the leader in transforming businesses with cloud solutions, today announced that Bernard Drost, Vice President and Principal Cloud Architect, will be joining a panel discussion on the topic of Cloud Strategies for Business, during the Disrupting London and Disrupting Amsterdam events this week.