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By providing a less expensive product, but one with good enough functions and features to do the job required, the disrupter attempts to lure customers not willing to pay for the higher end product to adopt a good enough product.
This article is based on excerpts from the resource kit on long-term exposure to environmental synthetic hormones or endocrine disrupters
A substance believed to be an endocrine disrupter was found in the umbilical cord of a newborn baby in a study carried out by the Environment Ministry, the ministry said Wednesday.
Endocrine disrupters are substances which mimic or block the effects of hormones in the body - and particularly the effect of the female hormone, oestrogen.
The study, which will be submitted for publication in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, also will be presented at the Third Annual Symposium on Endocrine Disrupters in Yokohama, Japan, this month and at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology in March 2001.
Many of them also act as endocrine disrupters, causing deformities in sex organs as well as long-term dysfunction of reproductive systems.
pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutically active chemicals like endocrine disrupters, and
It also describes the difficulties involved in establishing policy when there are scientific uncertainties, as there are regarding endocrine disrupters.
Considerable controversy revolves around the proposed causes of declining sperm counts, though the prevailing explanation implicates environmental chemicals called endocrine disrupters that masquerade as hormones.
I had always been drawn to people who were intelligent misfits, breakers of rules, and disrupters of what I felt was a depressingly conventional social order.
Thus, when it comes to the Palestinians there now exists a new bi-polar view of the world - America and Israel at one pole and those potential disrupters of peace at the other.
He believes, for example, that improvement in education will start in the public schools when we learn to treat classroom disrupters as problems to be gotten rid of rather than as victims" to be defended.
If not, what might cause these fintech disrupters to lose footing?
These five disrupters left big pharma behind to join small biotech companies and drive innovation that is on the front lines of drug development.