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Using sophisticated metabolic profiling methods, the researchers found EGCG disrupted the balance of "flux" throughout the cellular metabolic network.
It also disrupted the pancreatic cancer cells'metabolic system.
The researchers also found an enzyme inhibitor, oxamate, which is known to reduce LDHA activity, operated in the same manner: It also disrupted the pancreatic cancer cells metabolic system.
COLOMBO -- Sri Lankan regional plantations companies (RPCs) and labor unions held another round of talks on a wage hike to resolve differences that have disrupted production and transport of tea, officials said.
The Spanish fan, whose real name is Jaume Marquet Cot, has disrupted games in Spain.
They also found out that the disrupted sleep-wake cycle in the young mice can be reset by incorporating appropriate light environment with correct biological rhythm and difference in day and night.
17, radio signals disrupted the radar system that controls landings on Runway A at Haneda airport, and the glitch forced incoming aircraft to suspend instrument landings.
Previous studies in our laboratory demonstrated that high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis of ground corncob bedding extracts characterized two components (peak I and peak II) that disrupted endocrine function in male and female rats and stimulated breast and prostate cancer cell proliferation in vitro and in vivo.
Baram of the University of California, Irvine and her colleagues have obtained the first evidence that young animals exposed to such stress later in life suffer memory declines accompanied by disrupted cell communication in the hippocampus, a brain region critical for learning and memory.
Water service to nearby residents was disrupted for several hours.
The attorney general insisted that Chinese officials "uniformly indicate that wherever, whenever, however terrorism can be disrupted, (it) needs to be disrupted.
According to Rheingold, the Manila protesters and the Palm Pilot-wielding demonstrators who disrupted the World Trade Organization's 1999 Seattle meeting were avatars of a new form of social organization: the "smart mob," an ad-hoc alliance formed fleetingly by people who may not know one another but share a common, immediate goal and can communicate instantaneously.
A: Steroids cause the balance of hormones in the body to be disrupted.
Solar storms disrupted power in the United States and Canada in 1940, 1958 and 1972, and they were blamed for an explosion at a 230,000-volt transformer at the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority.