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  • verb

Synonyms for disrobe



  • undress
  • strip
  • take off your clothes
  • remove your clothes
  • shed your clothes
  • bare yourself
  • divest yourself of your clothes
  • unclothe yourself
  • uncover yourself

Synonyms for disrobe

to remove all the clothing from

Synonyms for disrobe

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If you see this individual disrobing or putting clothing on [in] an alley, and you can do it safely, we'd always ask you call 911 first, and if you have the ability to utilize the camera on the smart phone that would aid us greatly identifying this individual for future apprehension.
This is truly the bravest, boldest thing I've ever seen," she said after she watched the clip of Farahani disrobing.
The reviewers challenge and condemn the major premise and the proposal put forward by Widdowson and Howard in their unhappily widely received Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry: The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation.
AUTHOR, EDUCATOR AND SELF-DESCRIBED activist Gerald Taiaiake Alfred has posted a review of the book Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry (Widdowson and Howard) on his Web site at www.
While the campus was being secured, actors were disrobing for the famous nude scene, burning mock draft cards and singing diatribes against authority, the draft, the police, the government and the Vietnam War.
The latest work from Newcastle company Balletlorent features seven dancers disrobing gracefully while they spin on rotating platforms.
Long lines, delays, metal detectors, explosive residue detectors, partial disrobing, wanding, pat-downs, multiple I.
During the performance, she removes her dress in a remarkably casual way--quite unlike the suggestive disrobing of a stripper--continuing to speak, unperturbed, words flowing in a mix of reflection and recounted experience, of autobiography and fiction.
The shower units are housed in trailers, which include six sections: an external, mass-decontamination area; decontamination entrance; disrobing room; private showering station; dressing room, and clean exit area, he said.
KITT POMIDORO, MICHELLE McANDREWS and CARLA HARVEY will deliver the news, weather and entertainment reports while provocatively disrobing during the editions that will air every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings (hence the Weekend Flash title).
The notion of "stripping," especially when applied to the pornographic film, goes far beyond the act of disrobing.
Minus 16 by Chad Naharin, which closed the evening, was a teasingly funny piece which went a dozen ways at once involving at one point a wacky dance frenzy where the madness of shedding clothes in a public disrobing opened up levels of psychological depth which was worth examining if you had been writing a thesis.
After disrobing, you douse the lights and climb into bed.
34) Most important and significant, however, is that the woman's covered head, and especially her covered face, serves a double purpose: it shows her disrobing before having sex, and at the same time it functions as a sign of shame, because covering the face has served as a time-honored, ubiquitous sign of shame.
Freedom is achieved through the very literal act of disrobing.