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  • verb

Synonyms for disrobe



  • undress
  • strip
  • take off your clothes
  • remove your clothes
  • shed your clothes
  • bare yourself
  • divest yourself of your clothes
  • unclothe yourself
  • uncover yourself

Synonyms for disrobe

to remove all the clothing from

Synonyms for disrobe

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Perhaps the most important effect of this late medieval iconographical shift toward clothes that symbolize changeability in their colors and styles, rather than those that represent change through their disrobement or exchange, is that Fortune often loses the other side of her sartorial persona: her fallen, impoverished, poorly-dressed self.
Ritual disrobement at Mardi Gras: Ceremonial exchange and moral order.
The exact criteria for inclusion is not completely clear because, although these women often appear in some stage of disrobement or sexual pose, at other times simply having "an attractive figure and a nice smile" will qualify (60).
For all the inventive wordplay of Parks' monologues and the slouchy, slangy charm of the brothers' banter, the actors virtually dance their roles, too -- Booth's funky ballet of disrobement, as he slowly sheds two entire suits of clothing he's shoplifted, is a showstopper.
Among these are Cheadle's dance of disrobement, as he takes off two complete layers of clothes he's "boosted" from a store, and a sort of impromptu Southern song routine celebrating Lincoln's payday.