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  • verb

Synonyms for disrobe



  • undress
  • strip
  • take off your clothes
  • remove your clothes
  • shed your clothes
  • bare yourself
  • divest yourself of your clothes
  • unclothe yourself
  • uncover yourself

Synonyms for disrobe

to remove all the clothing from

Synonyms for disrobe

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Kyla has made it back to her trailer to disrobe and is now ready to hit the mall.
Schools in Michigan and Virginia have also forced students to disrobe after money was stolen.
It was awful having to disrobe in front of a TV crew and it was publicly humiliating.
Three mayors and a chairwoman from four Dorset towns decided to disrobe for a calendar after hearing an appeal on a local radio station to help the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution.
The detainee was taken to a bathroom and observed by a female officer, who instructed the detainee to disrobe but did not conduct a body cavity search.
In Thai Buddhism there is a tradition that if a monk feels he no longer is fit to live a monastic life for any reason, he can disrobe and become an ordinary man.
Ecdysiasm, 1992, describes the impulse to disrobe in public, using overlapping images of aberrant enlarged labia and phalliform clitorises.
FACING criticism from all around, Shiv Sena MLA Anil Kadam who abused and threatened to disrobe female toll attendants in Nashik has on Saturday submitted his resignation to Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray.
He is fully clothed somewhere in the mouth of an alley, will disrobe down to a thong and expose himself further in front of female citizens in northwest Denver.
People of both sexes, all ages and every conceivable shape and size decided to fully disrobe.
Marjorie Bradbury, 90, won't make the final cut because she refuses to disrobe, but she leaves a lasting impression thanks to her elastic limbs.
BARE-devil actors will disrobe for a steamy play that will be performed in Birmingham this week.
One of them said: "I didn't think I would be arrested in Italy ( referring to the 20 policemen who showed up to see her disrobe, but only checked her passport.
Only in America can a white man disrobe a black woman and have only the woman being chastised.
Once the jet reaches its cruising altitude, the passengers will be invited to disrobe.