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in a disrespectful manner


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It ill becomes such a low fellow to speak thus disrespectfully of our gracious King.
Little did my highly-connected mother think that, among the colored prints in the shop-window, which disrespectfully illustrated the public and private proceedings of distinguished individuals, certain specimens bearing the classic signature of "Thersites Junior," were produced from designs furnished by her studious and medical son.
First, the big dog, barking at intervals; then the good-natured Irishman, trundling "that divil of a whirligig," as he disrespectfully called the idolized velocipede; then the wounded hero, supported by the helpful Polly; and Maud brought up the rear in tears, bearing Tom's cap.
It was quite exhilarating to hear the clash and bustle with which he banged the door and jumped up behind after Mrs Nickleby was in; and as that good lady was perfectly unconscious that he applied the gold-headed end of his long stick to his nose, and so telegraphed most disrespectfully to the coachman over her very head, she sat in a state of much stiffness and dignity, not a little proud of her position.
I was assured by an English merchant, that a man who had murdered another, when arrested and questioned concerning his motive, answered, "He spoke disrespectfully of General Rosas, so I killed him.
He spoke disrespectfully of the equator, he skipped from continent to continent, he derided the zones, he mopped up the high seas with his napkin.
That little devil brings mischief wherever she goes," the Major said disrespectfully.
Anna, I beg you not to speak disrespectfully of my mother.
I repeat my request that you will not speak disrespectfully of my mother, whom I respect," he said, raising his voice and looking sternly at her
My purpose, in this place, is to state a fact in the history of the family, which has been passed over by everybody, and which I won't allow to be disrespectfully smothered up in that way.
I don't want to talk disrespectfully of any pages of mine.
I didn't think you would speak disrespectfully of Dr.
O'Donnell, Jack Ross and Kenny Milne were singled out by Bairns boss John Hughes as treating the club disrespectfully after letting the deadline expire on sealing new 12-month deals.
To stop the abuse he must make it clear he's not going to put up with them talking about you disrespectfully.
I know he was very disappointed not to be picked and it does seem a funny decision, especially when you look at some of the players that were called up, and I don't mean that disrespectfully.