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in a disreputable manner


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A source at the Blues' stadium blamed the disreputably damp Manchester weather for the new hairdryer's home that is next to a mirror.
The club will be accused by their critics of having behaved disreputably and sidestepped a trail of debt.
In 2007, at a Financial Consultative Committee meeting, the abrogation of President Premadasa's circular mandating public sector recruitment via competitive exams and the reinstatement of the disreputably dangerous practice of recruitment via political patronage came up for discussion.
The Recall of Elected Representatives Bill - the one introduced, regrettably, not by the Government, but by Conservative MP, Zac Goldsmith - proposes that recall should kick into action not in extremis, but in any circumstances in which representatives lose the confidence of their electorate: if, say, they've acted financially dishonestly or disreputably, or broken promises made in an election address, or behaved in a way likely to bring their office into disrepute.
THE acronym JMM may have been disreputably synonymous with coalition politics ever since the 1993 bribery case, but it has metamorphosed after the Uttar Pradesh elections to signify totally different strategic alignments.
This profoundly Oedipal object appears to lie on its side, lolling disreputably next to another teapot, Peter Shire's Stacked Donut (1982), which looks like the offspring of a caterpillar and a Morris Lapidus hotel.
Embassy in Islamabad, disreputably but true to form, was silent and refused any public response.
Administrators frequently suspected applicants of disreputably attempting to marry the girls for reasons of financial interest.
The account of Jeypore comes to rest upon crocodiles; the account of the palace of Udaipur comes to rest upon a caged panther; the account of the meeting with the loafer in the final letter, whose disreputably violent opinions the narrator ostensibly disavows, segues into a meeting with some British soldiers, the official agents of institutional violence in the Raj.
Early scenes appear to promise a clever commingling of elements from Dashiell Hammett's "Red Harvest" (by way of Akira Kurosawa's "Yojimbo") and Michael Cimino's disreputably rousing "Year of the Dragon.
The Greek intellectuals at the time of the Roman Empire, who faced a comparable situation, never behaved so disreputably, although perhaps this was because a much sterner taskmaster restrained them.