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Synonyms for disreputable

Synonyms for disreputable

meriting or causing shame or dishonor

Antonyms for disreputable

lacking respectability in character or behavior or appearance

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In these times of ours, though concerning the exact year there is no need to be precise, a boat of dirty and disreputable appearance, with two figures in it, floated on the Thames, between Southwark bridge which is of iron, and London Bridge which is of stone, as an autumn evening was closing in.
In general the continental, or at least the Belgian old women permit themselves a licence of manners, speech, and aspect, such as our venerable granddames would recoil from as absolutely disreputable, and Madame Reuter's jolly face bore evidence that she was no exception to the rule of her country; there was a twinkle and leer in her left eye; her right she kept habitually half shut, which I thought very odd indeed.
He himself selected from among those with the least disreputable look, two guards whom he had formerly known, and whose only faults were being drunkards and gamblers.
Our music consisted of the well-mixed strains of a melodeon which was a little asthmatic and apt to catch its breath where it ought to come out strong, a clarinet which was a little unreliable on the high keys and rather melancholy on the low ones, and a disreputable accordion that had a leak somewhere and breathed louder than it squawked--a more elegant term does not occur to me just now.
He told me with grim humour of the time he had spent acting as guide to Cockneys who wanted to see the night side of life in Paris; it was an occupation that appealed to his sardonic temper and somehow or other he had acquired a wide acquaintance with the more disreputable quarters of the city.
As they were seated in the priest's hut one afternoon a rough knock fell upon the door which was immediately pushed open to admit as disreputable a band of ruffians as ever polluted the sight of man.
His politeness for the fair sex has already been hinted at by Miss Rebecca Sharp--in a word, the whole baronetage, peerage, commonage of England, did not contain a more cunning, mean, selfish, foolish, disreputable old man.
It's an approach that will help drive down the trade of disreputable dealers in misery.
We cannot allow the disreputable rubbish that the Carlisle Tories uttered before the election to dominate the debate.
Jeremy Sare, of Drugs charity Angelus Foundation, said: "We have seen countless examples of this kind of disreputable marketing of dangerous 'legal highs'.
The court ruled that the Doyle estate had essentially be extorting money from Klinger and lauded the writer and editor for standing up to a disreputable business practice, performing a "public service.
is entrepreneurial country can be great and pro table again if we can overcome the economic reluctance of Cameron and disregard anything that typify the antics of the disreputable Blair and his unprincipled Labour cohorts.
In lampooning the arrogant, hypocritical and greedy aspects of people in public life, they're reminding us that as long as there's disreputable people in the world, we can always have fun at their expense.
Addressing a huge rally at Ramlila Ground here at the culmination of BJP veteran Lal Krishna Advani's 38 day-long 'Jan Chetana Yatra', Swaraj said: "This government became disgraceful at the start of the year 2010 and became disreputable before 2011.
However, the MEPs must also remains silent before the facts which show that fascist Bulgaria, during the World War II, participated in the pogrom of over 7,300 Macedonian Jews, who in the period from 1942 and 1943 were killed in one of the most disreputable concentration camps that was built by the Nazis at hundred kilometers, north-east from Warszawa - Treblinka.