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to fail to remember


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Mannie's presence in "Pantaloon" functions both as a Gordonian ghost that "speaks" for the historically disremembered as well as a Derridean specter that offers access to the multivalent spaces (subjective, cultural, and ideological) that Rider navigates as a mourning (black) subject.
Though they go largely unrewarded in the metrics of the academy, the resurrection of so many buried and disremembered books and lives has been accomplished through complex coauthorial acts across time and place.
Brust had sped past the unmarked and disremembered site many times before a book identifying the place as a "ghost town" triggered his curiosity.
Unarticulated and disremembered, the traumatic event, in its insistence upon being fully known, stalks she who must recover the symbolic practices Fanon speaks of as having been discarded by the anti-colonial consciousness and that, in the post-colonial moment, cleanse rather than disarm.
Call 029 2063 6464 3Call Mr Robeson This rollercoaster journey through Paul Robeson's life highlights how his radical activism caused him to be disowned and disremembered, even by leaders and descendants of the civil rights movement.
To dear friends and colleagues gone too soon, but never disremembered.
Some of them imagined that they need the return the situation, which was in the fourth decade before Soviet Union had occupied Lithuania and absolutely disremembered that 50 years had changed not just the social structure of society, but the Church itself (not just conditions of the priests' arrangement, but also the orientation of self-expression of the part of congregations changed).
The Boss Drover did those essential things for Roy that his deliberately unrecalled and conscientiously disremembered Daly River kinsfolk failed to do.
In what follows, I take up Robinson's critical invitation by exploring August Wilson's rendering of the legacy of African America's disremembered past under racial slavery in The Piano Lesson (1990).
of the Suwannee's west bank, now long disremembered under a
A Eulogy for Tyrell Musgrove: The Disremembered Child in Marc Forster's Monster's Ball.
The truncated relic is both a dismembered and disremembered remnant of its former self.
All he knew was that we needed water to make the flooded soft mud of his childhood-thought-place, years disremembered and half a world away.
In an apocalyptic condition, narratives of the self (history and myth) are conveniently disremembered, creating a state of deliberate amnesia, "dear forgetfulness," in which the self unfastens and flies apart; it becomes "selfwrung," "selfstrung," and experiences "dismembering.
Not the breath of the disremembered and unaccounted for, but wind in the eaves, or spring ice thawing too quickly.