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Synonyms for disrelish

to have a feeling of aversion for

an attitude or feeling of aversion

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In short, there is an air of self-sufficiency and confidence mixed with the whole lump, enough to give a disrelish even to good sense and good law, but is nauseous beyond all bearing when neither of these is found.
The Oxford English Dictionary lists as the first meaning for this term: 'Strong distaste or disrelish for food in general, or for any particular kind of food; sickening disinclination to partake of food, drink, medicine, etc.
Sterne blames "prejudices, contracted by an unhappy education" for "the Sacred Writings, meet[ing] so often with a disrelish .
Bread and Tobacco may be neglected, where they are shewn to be useful to health, because of an indifferency or disrelish to them; reason and consideration at first recommends, and begins their trial, and use finds, or custom makes them pleasant.
The people were so extremely attached to their own modes and customs, that it produced a fondness for their own society and disrelish to other customs, beyond parallel; hence emigration from their internal population was less frequent here, than in places elsewhere.
The sentiment bespeaks more than Jefferson's tendency to conciliate; it bespeaks his disrelish of organized religion.