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Synonyms for disregardful

devoid of consideration for others' feelings

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54) The dictionary defines "wanton" as "immoral, senseless, unjustifiable, recklessly disregardful of justice or decency.
For the closely related argument that due process is a limit on law chosen through a method disregardful of the content and policy of the chosen law, see Louise Weinberg, Theory Wars in the Conflict of Laws, 103 MICH.
Small wonder that many people complain that the police and courts are too lenient towards offenders and disregardful of their victims.
But perhaps I'm being unfair to them, for the irritations on Birmingham's roads are many and various and plentiful are the drivers who are disregardful of the safety and convenience of others and who lack any measure of common sense.
You have revealed yourself to be self-important, out-of-touch and disregardful of the rightful contempt in which the public understandably holds its politicians.