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Synonyms for disquisition

Synonyms for disquisition

a formal, lengthy exposition of a topic

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an elaborate analytical or explanatory essay or discussion

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Throughout all eight essays Hulme's prose skillfully integrates close textual analysis with detailed historical and geographical contexts, making the book very accessible to readers (like this reviewer) who are allergic to pure disquisitions on texts.
These sometimes uneven explanations do not always conform to canons current in social science disquisitions.
There are poems, too, including one written in the house where Ted Hughes was born; disquisitions on Wainwright, Wordsworth, and other notables; and some charmingly average photographs.
In between the elliptically written scenes, there are a series of dances and disquisitions upon matters that arise.
Situating itself in a still relatively recent field of research, Axel Dunker's disquisitions constitute an enlightening contribution to German postcolonial studies.
That premise gives players plenty of opportunity to blast splicers--the genetically-altered addicts roaming Rapture's halls--and to hear disquisitions on the nature of cooperation and social order from both Lamb and Ryan.
Specialized students of war and historical memory will find much that is familiar: meditations on Maurice Halbwach's idea of collective memory; disquisitions on shellshock; the roles of Holocaust survivors; "collaborators"; and "the resistance" in the literature; as well as debates about morality, the truth of direct event experience, and the role of representation.
Because those are the alternatives, I'll offer Obama a suggestion: When Wright first came up in March, Obama delivered a 5,000-word disquisition on race that thrilled the kind of people who like 5,000-word disquisitions (who aren't, as it turned out, average Democratic Pennsylvania voters).
And there are, passim, pleasurable disquisitions on a number of philosophical nugget-puzzles: the relation of the A-series and B-series conceptions of time to different sorts of fiction and imagination; the grue-bleen problem; the etiological theory of functions; and the debate between "theory" and "simulation" theories of our knowledge of others.
I object not to it, and it may be useful; but I wish to discriminate between the verbal answer and the sensible, that men may not seem to disagree, where perhaps they merely misunderstand each other:--that they may not waste their efforts on verbal disquisitions, when they wish to obtain knowledge of the external universe.
Built into the memoir of a minor columnist who has contemplated writing a book called Memories of My Melancholy Whores are disquisitions on mortality--familiar from Love in the Time of Cholera--and the shape of a life that has not achieved anything significant.
He held meetings with gang leaders, midnight church basement disquisitions with cross-legged members of the Cobras and Roman Saints on the theology and politics of non-violence, and briefly took up residence in a slum.
On top of these haunting visual displays, ``CSI'' patrons are often treated to philosophical disquisitions that equate human life with the remains accessible during a post-mortem exam.
Trudeau's politics, and so some of the chapters are academic disquisitions, sometimes on a single point.
and so on; these prefabricated disquisitions were excerpted from one's reading or listening or worked up by oneself" (p.