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Synonyms for disquieting

Synonyms for disquieting

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causing mental discomfort

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It's precisely the hyperrealism of his scenarios that makes them so disquieting.
How many of us have walked away from an exam with the disquieting realization that our true potential was clearly not demonstrated?
There is something similarly disquieting about how the boomers are discussing the experience of "the greatest generation.
Non sequitur talking and squealing and a disquieting rock score by Laurie Anderson and, especially, Nina Hagen, with her galvanic German cabaret style, provided a wakeup call from some far-off place.
The books then ends with the tentative, disquieting words, "In the boat Neeny look back and wave.
The author, on the very first page, details a disquieting exchange between a lawyer and the lawyer's spouse.
Crossing the threshold of the new gallery from the lofty confines of the King's Library, the visitor experiences a palpable and slightly disquieting sense of entering into a different time and place.
It stands to reason that the reverse may be true off the unit, where exposure to residents with differing conditions and greater degrees of dementia may be disquieting or even deleterious.
What is disquieting about the metalcasting figures is the fact that they run 1-1/2-2 times the manufacturing rates.
Travelers everywhere woke this morning to a disquieting news story; USA Today reports that bedbugs, nocturnal, elusive and transient pests, are on the rise nationwide.
As it is, Angelides will likely suffer more political damage from his staff of hacking hacks than Schwarzenegger will suffer from his somewhat disquieting remarks.
Her deep voice has unusual timbre, which adds to the disquieting forces at play in this riveting novel.
The cold air blew so strongly that viewers could scarcely bear to stay and contemplate this disquieting garden, as if one's mental discomfort at this evocation of intellectual repression had been made palpable--and nearly insupportable.
To their contemporaries they may have seemed dangerous and disquieting, but their ideas were of the same fundamental optimism as those of the bourgeois liberals.
A new study of cloned cows counters that disquieting finding, however.