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The perplexed experience gets the apparent clearness, as it gets also the animation, of a long dialogue; only, the disputants never part company, and there is no real conclusion.
Other tribes of the new federation took sides with the original disputants or set up petty revolutions of their own.
There was a sudden commotion in the direction of the disputants, and Tarzan rolled his head in their direction in time to see the burly brute of a priest leap upon the woman opposite him, dashing out her brains with a single blow of his heavy cudgel.
these disputes were settled by physical contact of the disputants,
From all parts of the hall squires and pages came running, until a dense, swaying crowd surrounded the disputants.
It is possible, however, he would not have easily quieted the disputants, who were growing equally warm, had not another matter now fallen out, which put a final end to the conversation at present.
Levin had often noticed in discussions between the most intelligent people that after enormous efforts, and an enormous expenditure of logical subtleties and words, the disputants finally arrived at being aware that what they had so long been struggling to prove to one another had long ago, from the beginning of the argument, been known to both, but that they liked different things, and would not define what they liked for fear of its being attacked.
14) While most papers in the literature assume that the arbitrator's sense of fairness is independent of the offers, Ashenfelter and Bloom (1984), Ashenfelter (1987), and Gibbons (1988) consider situations in which the arbitrator learns from disputant behavior.
53) The descriptive presumes the power dynamic between lawyer and disputant is in favor of the disputant.
Second, the principle applied only if the disputant states agreed that it would--consent was an absolute pre-requisite.
126) to the Dreamer-Maiden interchanges in Pearl seeks to rehabilitate the Dreamer as authoritative disputant.
In addition, the countries in the region often share commonalities--economic interests, cultures and customs--that form the best kind of human resources and may leverage them in mediating with disputant states.
Officials added the mediators will usually encourage the disputant to approach a neighbor in a friendly manner to try to settle the problem.
In lectures, speeches, and sermons from the pulpit, in open letters to politicians, in countless newspaper interviews and letters to the editor and in his voluminous official correspondence, Fallon put forth his ideas and opinions on an astonishing range of divisive issues, any one of which would have satisfied the aspirations of the average disputant.