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Synonyms for disputable

Synonyms for disputable

capable of being disproved


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open to argument or debate

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Iranian forces have reportedly raised the Iranian flag over two more disputably Iraqi oil wells, Numbers 11 and 13 at the Al-Faqa oilfield, a Maysan governorate official said last Wednesday.
However, precisely because of Finland's nebulous position during the Cold War--a multi-party democracy but with heavy censorship and coercion compared to Western countries, disputably a Soviet satellite but yet maintaining an albeit managed democracy and limited capitalism--Finland has never engaged in the Post-Cold War purges of Communist officialdom or national self-examination that has characterised its Baltic neighbours.
The lower panel of the table shows the percentages of awarded penalties for the home team and the visiting team that were wrongly, correctly, or disputably awarded.
49) With this rather perfunctory nod to Freud's theory of fantasized incest activated through musical performance, Castle wisely speeds ahead to survey "the long tradition of sapphic diva-worship in the world of opera," which she disputably characterizes as "a history of female-to-female 'fan attachments as intense, fantastical, and sentimental as any ever enacted on the fabled isle of Lesbos" (Castle 202).
This view was splendidly expressed in 1946 by Franz Blei in a generally favorable appraisal, wherein, however, he remarked cannily, that "the ship Rilke steers by a compass that points toward the iron of the ship," and, perhaps more disputably, that "there is not a single true love poem by Rilke--so lonely in the soul was he.