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Synonyms for disputable

Synonyms for disputable

capable of being disproved


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open to argument or debate

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While what the iPhone 5 will look like is the most disputable.
Information was collected, disputable events investigated and quantitative information rated in accordance with the "Assessment Standards for China's Top 100 Green Companies.
According to defense attorney Andrew Hope, Sahami gained a total of $460 during his offenses, but an online casino advocacy group, Online Casino Topic, said his disputable earnings over the years are in the thousands.
It is a disputable statement and search to find out why would probably return fruitless.
It does however, state that the committee will fight fanatical Islamic thoughts and provide a more moderate and tolerant point of view on disputable public matters.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Minister of State for the Middle East in the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office Alistair Burt said on Monday that the United Kingdom believes that Syria is a very important country for peace in the Middle East and that the UK is interested in conducting dialogue with Syria on some disputable points.
By: OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE, June 6 (THE NATION): PML-Q senior leader Ch Moonis Elahi has challenged the PML-N led provincial government to reject the irrefutable charges brought up in the PML-Q White Paper issued last week in the upcoming Punjab Assembly budget session if there is any disputable allegation in it.
Among the author's more disputable claims is that "Chinese purchases of American debt are much less important than commonly perceived and should not be a factor in foreign policy.
We tried to exhaust every point that remained in the treaty as disputable, so we are preparing nothing else.
The paper comments that party directives proved futile in these elections and that the president was barely elected with legitimacy that is highly disputable.
In effective business any disputable issues are resolved through negotiations.
It is hardly disputable that the shrinking value of the U.
Earlier last month, De Mistura reported his first suggestions on whether four disputable areas should be ruled by the central government or by the Kurdistan Regional Government.
The raw data on ratings of correctness of referee judgments, summarized in Table 4A, indicate that decisions to grant a goal are more likely to be wrong or disputable when the goal is awarded for the home team: 95.