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Synonyms for disproportion

Synonyms for disproportion

the condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree

Antonyms for disproportion

lack of proportion

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Today, we are paying the price of the brutally disproportioned policy of responding to terrorism with war, a policy disastrously pioneered by Israel whose only result has been to breed an endless stream of volunteers for martyrdom.
For example, Mercier displays meticulously lacquered Greek columns (Untitled, 2007) and a disproportioned and grotesque bronze, Homonculus, 2006, side by side with the "poor" materials (melamine, drywall, nails, and fluorescent kitchen lighting) that have traditionally haunted his formal vocabulary.
The essence of the question should be ``Is the Valley so unique, so underserved, so disproportioned in policy outcomes that the Eastern European model of a breakaway republic would deliver a more governable domain?
It is the only mean to defend themselves and others against Israel's disproportioned use of force.
It is characterised by early pubertal changes such as breast development and start of menses in girls and increased testicular and penile growth in boys, appearance of pubic hair, as well as acceleration of growth velocity and bone maturation, which often results in reduced adult height and disproportioned body appearance due to premature fusion of the growth plates.