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out of proportion

to a disproportionate degree

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At a time when Americans are increasingly questioning the fairness of drug laws that disproportionately affect minorities--as with the vastly higher penalties associated with crack versus powdered cocaine--the drug-free zone regime, though it has the same effect, is not even on the nation's radar screen.
Distributions were made disproportionately to the taxpayer, in relation to his children's FLP interests; and
At the same time, it reminds us that we need to do more to reduce the health disparities that disproportionately affect certain racial and ethnic groups.
Which group sends a disproportionately higher percentage of its citizens to the military than the nation as a whole?
The Sarbox Ball and Chain" (July 2003) ended with a telling point: that the compliance burden falls disproportionately on small companies.
Are members of the 10 largest Florida law firms disproportionately free from disciplinary action?
And stable representative democracies do not require disproportionately large standing armies or security forces to impose control on their populations.
CATHOLIC is surprising considering that this cult is so entrenched in the upper echelons of the Vatican, with its members holding a disproportionately large number of key positions.
Even with injuries that are seemingly minor, the resultant scar formation is disproportionately excessive.
Property owners who understand that winter rack prices rise disproportionately can comparison shop and try to negotiate lower markups.
Award-winning writer Arundhati Roy presents An Ordinary Person's Guide To Empire, an anthology of her lectures and essays highlighting the injustice, greed, and corruption behind the "poverty draft" of the United States (in which the military is disproportionately made of individuals of indigent backgrounds, and very, very few politicians have a child serving in Iraq), murderous pogroms against Muslims in India with atrocities that bring so-called ethnic cleansing to mind, the transformation of South Africa that ultimately only further concentrated wealth and power in the hands of a few, and more.
Home Office Minister Hazel Blears said that because laws were geared to dealing with Islamic extremists, innocent Muslims will inevitably be disproportionately targeted.
But he said attacks continue, and pit bulls and rottweilers are disproportionately involved.
Those risks are disproportionately common among poor and minority children, whose families more often lack access to decent, affordable housing.
We realized that LGBT youth were disproportionately represented within the child welfare system," Berger says.