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out of proportion

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The tiny town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is disproportionally rich in concert opera, with performances by outstanding guest artists and more than one locally based opera initiative.
While the new charges "were not arbitrarily imposed," Georgiades continued, "if it comes to sudden, disproportionally large increases in sewerage fees, it is also the government's opinion that a correction is required".
Ragusa, Sicily, police official Antonino Ciavola said the fire department's command centre tipped off authorities that one squad of off-duty firefighters was being disproportionally called to fight fires.
The latest targeted killing to occur near Mastung, leading to the death of four persons, including a woman, is a part of a long series of sectarian-terrorist attacks, disproportionally targeting the Hazara community.
Strokes in young people have a disproportionally large economic impact, because they can disable patients before their most productive years.
Although they are less common, nocturnal tornadoes are disproportionally dangerous compared to their daytime counterparts.
Furthermore, noise-induced hearing loss disproportionally affects men, at 25 percent, versus 16 percent of women.
Without the equal access to education and information that reading allows, women are disproportionally denied access to opportunities and information that are available to those who can read, according to the UN Population Fund.
The poor spend a disproportionally high percentage of their income on food.
We have a moral obligation to confront the faults in the system that exacerbates the economic and racial disparity that disproportionally affects low income individuals.
Public high school students from underserved communities can explore current local environmental issues that disproportionally affect their communities.
CReM researchers investigate diseases that are more prevalent in BMC patients, including sickle cell disease, to make strides in treating diseases that disproportionally affect vulnerable populations.
The report underscores that tobacco use disproportionally harms the world's most vulnerable populations.
The plant is expected to help improve the public health and livelihoods of 150,000 people living within five nearby towns, all of which have been disproportionally affected by the Syrian crisis.
Just like we have a disproportionally large part of our cerebral cortex devoted to visual processing, they have a disproportionally large part of their cortex devoted to whisker processing," he said.