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Synonyms for disproof

any evidence that helps to establish the falsity of something

the act of determining that something is false

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until blue in the face, but unless he is willing to acknowledge man's inherent limitations he possesses no dispositive disproof to the idealist's vision.
In general, claims of continuity gaps are more vulnerable to disproof through scientific discovery than are claims of explanatory gaps.
One of the short notes she contributed was headed 'A Possible Disproof of the Expanding Universe Theory.
We argue that none of these objections provide a rigorous disproof, they rather highlight that even in science theories can not solely be evaluated based on their empirical confirmation.
An Introduction to the Science of Religion can be disproved; proof or disproof are irrelevant to Endymion.
So the achievement of such a successful dialogue among civilizations will not only disproof the hypothesis of Clash of Civilizations, but also will play a salient role in international, inter-civilizational and cultural affairs.
With disproof at its heart, and self-correction as its guiding principle, science works and advances by asking, observing, hypothesizing, measuring, testing, retesting, rejecting or modifying concepts, and generating new data and concepts that are further tested.
Profits up, quality reportedly down, accountability avoided--it's pretty tough to "spin" this positively, and the burden of disproof is on them.
The experimental disproof of this conceptualization would be demonstrated if subjects exposed to such techniques continued to frame relevant aspects of their experiences as before, yet these reasons and coherent stories ceased to function in accordant ways.
Thus, disproof of a hypothesis and failure to confirm a result are also important ways in which some explanations are eliminated and understanding of the natural world is enhanced.
To maintain the status quo places an enormous burden of disproof on the claimant: she must first prove that the legislation does not have an ameliorative purpose; failing that, she must prove that her exclusion does not advance that purpose.
Technology has advanced to the point where DNA testing is almost 100 percent proof or disproof of paternity.
In both cases, the written work reverberated with the sense of a powerful, complex, resourceful personality, though Said was more combative, acerbic, and impatient than Williams, who provided living disproof of the most dreary of all cliches: that youth is radical, but grows more 'moderate' as it ages.
But the future may yet satisfy every empirical appetite of the faithful: Polkinghorne piquantly suggests that the end of the world "will either verify or falsify Christian belief--though if the latter is the case, there will be no human person there to witness the disproof.
China is not only a stark disproof of the neo-liberal notion that market freedom engenders political liberalism--liberal political order would seem to be as far off as ever there--it suggests the reverse.