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Synonyms for dispraise

the act of speaking contemptuously of

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Hattersley, for I want to think well of him; and though I have spoken against him myself, it is for the last time: hereafter, I shall never permit myself to utter a word in his dispraise, however he may seem to deserve it; and whoever ventures to speak slightingly of the man I have promised to love, to honour, and obey, must expect my serious displeasure.
The curiosity which her woman had inspired was now greatly increased by Mrs Fitzpatrick, who spoke as much in favour of the person of Jones as she had before spoken in dispraise of his birth, character, and fortune.
Yeats is seldom mentioned in serious discussions of political poetry, Terrence Des Pres's Praises and Dispraises being the honorable exception.
Terrence Des Pres, Praises & Dispraises (New York: Viking Penguin, 1988), p.
Terrence Des Pres, Praises and Dispraises (New York: Viking, 1988), xvii.