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the act of speaking contemptuously of

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Ibn Katheer, may Allh have mercy upon him, said, "Dealing with the legislations of Allh with one's corrupt mind and reasoning, and changing the rulings of Allh according to one's desires, and deeming lawful what is unlawful, were some of the things for which Allh dispraised the disbelievers.
Falstaff's insistence that he had dispraised Hal "before the wicked" (318) was a witty riposte, and he damned the lot of them with the same vocal energy he had used earlier, suggesting his continued vitality despite the scene's having revealed just the opposite.
22) Such writers, though, tend to ignore Cicero's partial exemption of wholesale merchandise from his censure: "if it be greate, and well stored, conueyeng many commodities rounde aboute: and disparsing thosesame into many men-nes handes, withoute vaine wordes: it is not much to be dispraised.
Lowry by 1951 was one of the neo-Hemingways in John Aldridge's After the Lost Generation, dispraised for their thick-laid negation and lack of technical innovation (88).
The type of terrorism praised by Allah and the type of terrorism which is dispraised.