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Synonyms for dispossess



Synonyms for dispossess

to take or keep something away from

Words related to dispossess

deprive of the possession of real estate

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On the one hand, the dispossessing policy continues, but on the other hand, some property rights have been partially restored.
Barnett added a second after dispossessing Darren Jones on the centre spot and racing through to score in the 77th minute.
Ainsworth claimed Hereford's fifth midway through the second half when he side-footed the ball past goalkeeper Fleming after dispossessing Kelvin Lomax at the edge of the penalty box.
Mulvenna struck again to end the match as a contest on 63 minutes, dispossessing Malone 25 yards from goal before running through to lob the ball over Woods.
and, rather than either dispossessing others or being dispossessed by them, as in the old blessings and curses, builders and growers will benefit from their own labors (v.