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Synonyms for dispossessed


Synonyms for dispossessed

physically or spiritually homeless or deprived of security

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The state appears to have failed in its obligation to protect a citizen,' Justice Minallah noted in one of his orders, adding that the dispute between the parties has been pending before the competent court and the AC along with the police have dispossessed through an order which he could not pass.
6 HERRERA Barked at his team-mates, but was easily dispossessed on a number of occasions.
Power, Humanitarianism, and the World's Dispossessed
In "Ignoble Displacement: Dispossessed Capital in Neo-Dickensian London", author, and interdisciplinary writer/academic Stephanie Polsky proposes that we reinterpret the writings of Charles Dickens to find the antecedents of our present situation with regards to capital, empire and subjectivity.
It is natural they are unhappy, as are we dispossessed prior BoC shareholders, now left with only one in every one hundred of our original shares.
The saga continues in this third volume of Morgan's Dispossessed series, a story fraught with the demon-fighting, gargoyle-assisted, suspenseful antics of the Waverly family.
The hierarchy of the Catholic church should publicly remind Duncan Smith that the policy he is pursuing is in direct opposition to what his faith preaches regarding the poor, the vulnerable and the dispossessed in our society.
In The Dispossessed, however, altruism is not viewed as an important consequence or corollary of mutual aid, at least as Shevek comes to understand it.
WE ENGLISH sit as dispossessed urchins with noses pressed to the window as the five million Scots, 3.
David Cotterill grabbed the only goal from the penalty spot on 19 minutes after being tripped by Charlie Lee, whom he had earlier dispossessed.
Le Guin's The Dispossessed (1974), further complicates the education of desire by placing its utopia in the context of ecological scarcity.
ARCHBISHOP Rowan Williams, below, means well regarding MPs, and certainly most would agree about extremism taking the place of the dispossessed.
Pollok doubled their lead three minutes after the break when Dingwall (right) dispossessed keeper Murphy and fired into the empty net.
Craig Mackail-Smith opened the scoring when he dispossessed Orient's Brian Saah and raced from the half-way line to beat Glenn Morris with a superb curling right-footed effort a minute before the break.
Ducks, geese, herons, grebes, coots and many other birds that depend on wetlands for nesting, shelter and food are being dispossessed.