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She then began to look about her for a shop in which she might dispose of something for the moment.
First taking another look at the pretty little hand and fingers, to make certain the thimble might not be reclaimed, when satisfied that it really belonged to her who wished to dispose of it, she ventured to answer.
You will, of course, dispose of it in some way or other?
You only intend, then, to dispose of that part of your fortune which the law allows you to subtract from the inheritance of your son?
As to your goods, I pray you take them, and dispose of them as you please.
While they were thus deliberating upon our fate, we were imploring the succour of the Almighty with fervent and humble supplications, entreating him in the midst of our sighs and tears that he would not suffer his own cause to miscarry, and that, however it might please him to dispose of our lives--which, we prayed, he would assist us to lay down with patience and resignation worthy of the faith for which we were persecuted--he would not permit our enemies to triumph over the truth.
It had flung its hated rival out of the world-market and enabled us to dispose of our surplus in that market.
It is a little impaired in its expressiveness by his having a shut-up gape still to dispose of, with watering eyes.
Weller imbibed at a draught, at least two-thirds of a newly-arrived pint, and handed it over to his son, to dispose of the remainder, which he instantaneously did.
I showed myself a little concerned and uneasy at this account, and inquired of the old captain how it came to pass that the trustees should thus dispose of my effects, when he knew that I had made my will, and had made him, the Portuguese captain, my universal heir,
Second, there is no statutory limit on the amount of shares that a shareholder can dispose of following a distribution.
Rocketdyne President Paul Smith said he could think of no reason that the scientists would have been trying to dispose of the hazardous explosives illegally when the company routinely ships hazardous waste from its manufacturing operations.
To dispose of waste oil, employees have to carry hot oil through the kitchen and dump it into rendering tanks behind the restaurant.
If a taxpayer is storing assets, such as the adding machines in Example 2, for which the taxpayer most likely does not have a current or future use, the taxpayer should contribute the assets to a non-profit organization or otherwise dispose of the assets to eliminate future personal property tax liabilities.
These risks and uncertainties include the risks detailed from time to time in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and include, without limitation, changes in general economic conditions and the extent of any tenant bankruptcies and insolvencies; the Company's ability to maintain and increase occupancy; the Company's ability to timely lease or re-lease space at anticipated net effective rents; the cost and availability of debt and equity financing; and the Company's ability to acquire and dispose of certain of its assets from time to time on acceptable terms.