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When asked that how they dispose of the hospital waste, he replied that 'they had established 11 incinerators through which they treat the waste'.
The chief minister had directed them to dispose of the cases of petty nature and give justice to them under the law so that they could meet and celebrate Eid-ul-Azha with their families.
He said that additional number of vehicles are being deployed to dispose of more and more garbage.
11 (1) (C) and (F)] and should include information on how to dispose of unused and expired medications properly.
I telephoned Middlesbrough Council and spoke to the recycling manager asking him where I could dispose of this bulb.
Dispose of anything not used in the past year or that you don't need.
2 tonnes of medicines have been collected as part of a campaign to encourage people to safely dispose of unused of out of date prescription drugs.
Private clinics have two options, they can either dispose of their waste through the municipality's incinerator or they can use the services of a private company," said Hassan Al Taffaq, Head of Environmental Section at Sharjah Municipality.
gt; 2 : to get rid of <Please dispose of trash properly.
FLOODED Northumberland farmers are to get emergency help to safely dispose of drowned sheep.
Is it a good practice to dispose of the entrails in the water where I fish?
BUSINESSES have been warned they could face hefty fines if they don't dispose of their waste properly.
Secondly, in the past Grounds and Road Services would remove and dispose of perimeter fencing when onsite fencing locations would change.
It is important to know the composition of the battery you're using in order to handle it and dispose of it right.