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Synonyms for dispose

Synonyms for dispose

to have an impact on in a certain way

dispose of: to put into correct or conclusive form

dispose of: to let go or get rid of as being useless or defective, for example

Synonyms for dispose

give, sell, or transfer to another

Related Words

make receptive or willing towards an action or attitude or belief

place or put in a particular order

make fit or prepared

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Several consortia, including those from the United States, have been formed to bid for contracts to dispose of the chemical arms.
He also appealed to the people to dispose of garbage in dust bins.
Medical centres are slapped with a Dh200,000 fine if they are found flouting the rules and do not dispose of their waste appropriately as per the regulations issued by Sharjah Municipality.
Michael Stonehouse, 39, of Churchlands Farm, Catton, near Allendale, Northumberland, faced 45 separate charges as he appeared at Tynedale Magistrates' Court in Hexham, ranging from failing to dispose of animal byproducts to failing to apply for a cattle passport, which are all said to have happened in April last year.
In 2004, Georgia residents and businesses spent an estimated $90 million to dispose of these items.
A producer of less than the minimum amount of hazardous waste, according to federal law, needs only dispose of the waste in a responsible manner.
Eventually, Fuente says, the state will license firms to undertake such cleaning if they can establish that they will assiduously collect all pipe-cleaning wastes and "either dispose of them properly or turn those wastes back over to the oil companies for them to dispose of.
But more realistically, the less waste you create, the less you have to dispose of or treat.
Thus, it is not necessary for T to dispose of all 100 shares to recognize the loss realized on the put option.
If the taxpayer holds those shares for more than a year and does not dispose of them, they are transferred to the long-term category and take the average cost of the disposed-of shares as their adjusted basis.
The rapidly rising cost to dispose of these materials was the impetus for a program to evaluate alternative methods of waste management such as waste minimization and treatment.