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Synonyms for disposal

Synonyms for disposal

Synonyms for disposal

the power to use something or someone

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a method of tending to or managing the affairs of a some group of people (especially the group's business affairs)

a kitchen appliance for disposing of garbage

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The acquisition covers vehicles, residential and commercial customers in McKean County and will be operated out of Advanced Disposals current Warren County facility.
Garbage disposals are common in many American homes, but seldom thought of during a kitchen remodel.
GAO was asked to determine whether REMIS could provide reliable information on the Corps' civil works land disposals from fiscal years 1996 through 2006.
We are getting too many burned garbage disposals due to the negligence and carelessness of the tenants.
DALLAS -- Frustrated consumers who grind up more than food in sink disposals - flatware, baby items, kitchen gadgets and other stray items - now have an answer to an old problem: Danco's Disposal Genie[TM].
Since the interim report on June 5, the horticultural businesses and an Irish fats and edible oil business have been sold and several other disposals are anticipated in the short term.
HydroMaid's patented servomechanism conserves energy while eliminating damage caused to silverware accidentally dropped into the disposal, and its patented blades and blade system cut waste into smaller particles than other disposals available on the market, reducing drain clogging problems and aiding the environment by promoting faster decomposition of food waste.
After adjusting for acquisitions and disposals this represents organic growth in operating profits of 11.
They purchased 12 HydroMaid disposals for testing and evaluation and have expressed enthusiasm for moving forward with initial distribution rights for the United Kingdom and Ireland.
The anti-siphon device enables the company's HydroMaid garbage disposals to meet the back-flow prevention requirements for plumbing codes in all 50 states.
As a result of its post-show follow-up, the company is receiving requests from potential distributors in Europe, Asia, and even Africa requesting HydroMaid disposals to install and test.
Electric disposals use high-speed motors to rip, tear and shred food waste.
The new brochure was produced in response to a negative piece of literature which In-Sink-Erator, the largest manufacture of electric garbage disposals, sent out a few months ago concerning HydroMaid.
amp;uot;When you consider the following statistics, the environmental importance of the HydroMaid story becomes clear: First, according to the Department of Energy Statistics, Americans spend over $30 million annually to operate electric garbage disposals, and the cost continues to rise.
After the press conference, HydroMaid attended the IBS trade show over the next three days and met with great success receiving well in excess of 1,000 domestic inquires for information concerning buying or distributing HydroMaid disposals.