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Synonyms for disposal

Synonyms for disposal

Synonyms for disposal

the power to use something or someone

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a method of tending to or managing the affairs of a some group of people (especially the group's business affairs)

a kitchen appliance for disposing of garbage

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Winsor Disposal in Pennsylvania brings three trucks, containers and customer contracts in Northwestern Pennsylvania to Advanced disposal.
Since disposing of your food waste through a garbage disposal is environmentally friendly, there is no harm in using it after every meal.
2) The South African Metabolic and Endocrine (SEMDSA) Guidelines (9) and the South African Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG) (10) do not provide recommendations on the safe disposal of used needles and stylets.
Ultimately, the classification of property determines the proper disposal mechanism.
The safe disposal requirements went into effect in 1993, so scrap recycling companies with "institutional memory or scrap veterans on staff have probably become familiar with what the EPA requires.
2003), this action must raise concerns about land disposal of arsenic-laden poultry wastes because of the likelihood of groundwater contamination.
Keep in mind that individual states and OCONUS host nations may have tougher disposal rules than those listed here.
The amended rule, which went into effect January 11, implements the provision in Section 216 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 requiring proper disposal of consumer report information and records.
In fact, in 2002 the Environment Protection Agency filed to collect more than $410,000 in total fines from two New York colleges, Manhattan College and Pratt Institute, for the improper disposal of hazardous waste that included computer monitors.
Water supply, wastewater, and solid-waste disposal systems began to be seen as ways to provide permanent relief from epidemic disease and other threats to health.
As of this month, if your garbage disposal breaks due to the above, you will be charged for it.
As shown in Fullerton and Kinnaman [AER, 86, 1996], however, waste disposal charges open up the possibility of illegal disposal, calling for costly monitoring of illegal disposal or other complementary policy instruments.
3) Optional equipment, such as a remote-operated robot or a bomb containment vessel/vehicle to transport the hazardous material to a remote disposal site, adds considerably more to the overall cost of a bomb disposal unit.
Disposal fees for these materials are substantial, ranging up to $130 per ton and more in the New York metropolitan area.