disposable income

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income (after taxes) that is available to you for saving or spending

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That leaves an after-tax disposable income of $8,075 after paying her assisted living monthly service fee of $2,300, or $27,600 per year.
But working households saw their disposable income fall PS773 to PS28,092 a year.
Economic growth in countries such as India and China has resulted in an increase in the disposable incomes of consumers.
Disposable income is any money leftover for saving or spending after taxes.
of our combined disposable income (left in the bank on the day before payday) for those rainy days or major purchases and then have .
Barnardo's said that, as the minimum disposable income for the poorest 20% of families was PS39, such trips would be unaffordable.
The analysis by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found the Gwent Valleys had lowest levels of disposable income per head (PS13,452) in Wales, while Monmouthshire and Newport had the highest (PS15,794).
I only wish I was paying more tax because that would mean I would have more disposable income.
Factors including high disposable income, high life expectancy and fast broadband speeds put the town at the top of uSwitch.
The Office for National Statistics said that between 2007/8 and 2010/11, the average disposable income for nonretired households in the middle fifth of the income distribution fell by 3.
The latest estimates of household debt to disposable income have provided a benchmark for acute analysis within the local financial markets.
5 percent of mean disposable income in 1950 but now costs only 0.
According to Transparency Market Research, growth is largely fueled by the growing baby population in developing nations, where the disposable income of parents has also increased considerably at the same time.
HUDDERSFIELD has come 38th in a list of towns which have been shown to have the most disposable income.
China ranked as the most attractive emerging market for apparel retailers, driven by the country's large population and the growing disposable income of the middle class, added the latest Retail Apparel Index, a study by global management consulting firm A T Kearney.
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