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Synonyms for disposable



Antonyms for disposable

an item that can be disposed of after it has been used

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free or available for use or disposition

designed to be disposed of after use

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Contract Award: Management of Disposability Assessments, interface with the appropriate Regulator and issue Letters of Compliance for waste packages that will be used for the transportation and long term storage of Intermediate Level Waste.
There were just a handful of channels in those days and, because nothing was really repeated, the programmes must have been churned out with a great degree of disposability," he said.
Wipes will continue to benefit from features such as ease-of-use, disposability, portability and reduced risk of cross contamination.
They add: "This study provides further evidence of the continued sexualisation, marginalisation, and disposability of women within Bond films.
Topics include critical linkages of Wharton to materiality as a means to keep her outside the canonical, resistance to commodification in The House of Mirth, the creation of the disposable object and Wharton's characters' fears of their disposability, Wharton's ideas about the use of museum space in The Age of Innocence, and the effect of technology on domestic space in The Fruit of the Tree.
Her Misdemeanours And Regur-gitations explores ideas of reproduction and disposability in the art world with a series of digitally manipulated renderings of established masterworks.
She said: ``If we legalise euthanasia, we send an incredibly poor signal to the rest of society about the disposability of life.
It's always sobering to witness the fragility of alternative art cultures and to speculate on how much of value is lost in the inevitable disposability of history.
The partnership of bulk liquid logistics specialists Arena IBC and pallet box manufacturers SCA ha resulted in the development of the Cargocube, a new, ready-to-fill semi-bulk liquid container with an integral liner and all the cost advantages of complete disposability.
That move toward disposability and the move by traditionally packaged goods companies getting into housewares is a very scary trend for traditional housewares companies," she said.
But in the chew them up, spit them out instant disposability of the 90s pop market, few of them make it past the first single, let alone get round to making an album.
After all, convenience and disposability were the new watchwords of the postwar consumer culture.
ECO also analyzes each product with respect to its health and environmental impacts - natural resource depletion, energy consumption, durability, performance, disposability and recyclability.
15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Transdermal drug patches offer the advantages of ease of use, painlessness, disposability, control of drug delivery and avoidance of first-pass metabolism by the liver.
The report examines the advantages of ease of use, painlessness, disposability, control of drug delivery and avoidance of first-pass metabolism by the liver.