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Synonyms for disport

to occupy oneself with amusement or diversion

to make a public and usually ostentatious show of

activity engaged in for relaxation and amusement

Synonyms for disport

occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion


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They fought because if they refused they faced the revolver bullets of their officers,--men like themselves, who also fought because it was their profession, because it was in the traditions of their family, but who would, I think, have very much preferred disporting themselves in the dancing halls of their cities, drinking champagne with the ladies of their choice, or gambling with cards.
An especially splendid sunset seemed to have been prepared to welcome them when, after a long day's journey, they drove into a wide, green door-yard, where a white colt, a red cow, two cats, four kittens, many hens, and a dozen people, old and young, were gaily disporting themselves.
Text services began to alert us that a mega-rarity had turned up back home - yup, you guessed it, for the first time in more than 12 years a trumpeter finch had been found in Britain, and was disporting itself in front of hundreds of appreciative birders at Landguard Point, Suffolk - aargh
On Saturday, we could appreciate the full sonic Speed assault, the trouser-suited girls disporting themselves in front of Sand, rather like deranged holiday camp disco-emcees, heaving a huge inflatable 'breast-collage' on to the water, charging right back to the shouty punk heyday of Liliput and Kleenex.
Sandford has been faithfully attending BOS productions for a long time in his role of patron of the society - he was there again last week - but George has not had a role suited to disporting the ring until this time round.
It is essentially the naughty yet twinkle-eyed Celtic muse that carries the day - Dylan Thomas is a ready companion for Irish writers of similar anarchic disposition - while Gomer disporting himself on a stool in a sprawling, foppish manner could easily be mistaken for a young Richard Burton.
He was seen disporting himself at showbiz parties and cut a rather sad figure when he turned up at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival drinking heavily and trailing round after the Gallagher brothers.
It is essentially the naughty yet twinkle-eyed Celtic muse that carries the day while Gomer disporting himself on a stool in a sprawling, foppish manner could easily be mistaken for a younger Richard Burton.
How many youngsters instead of disporting in the open air are crouched dull-eyed over screens indulging in so-called 'games' of insensate violence?
At Chelsea itself, they'll be disporting themselves in marquee displays and making an exhibition of themselves in show gardens - their drumstick flower heads heightening the rhythm.
Aroma had not, on the day previous to this, openly criticized Bao-yu for disporting himself at all hours of the day and night with his girl cousins because she knew from experience that criticism was powerless to change him.
Having the lead soprano and a number of young hangers-on disporting themselves in bikinis certainly kept me awake even in the searing heat of last weekend, but it won nul points from my geriatric companions, who could be heard at the interval loudly condemning the production as "absolutely disgusting" and "very, very silly".
The infamous 'Moon Hoax' of 1835 August is perhaps the best known example, when Richard Adams Locke used the pages of the New York Times to give a fictional account of the 'great astronomical discoveries' recently made by Sir John Herschel from the Cape of Good Hope, discoveries that included the observation of fantastic creatures disporting themselves on the banks of a lunar shore (Figure 6).
A postcard, if you like, bears witness to all kinds of things, whether it be smartly-dressed figures in a Continental cafe, or passengers disporting themselves on a cruise liner in the 1930s.