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Synonyms for disport

to occupy oneself with amusement or diversion

to make a public and usually ostentatious show of

activity engaged in for relaxation and amusement

Synonyms for disport

occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion


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He explained that while his dog was off the lead, "harmlessly" disporting itself among the restored flowerbeds and shrubbery, an approaching runner had warned him that if the dog came near him, he would give it "a good kicking".
The first of the roses are disporting themselves and delphiniums rise above the rest of the crowd with their spires of scintillating blue.
How many youngsters instead of disporting in the open air are crouched dull-eyed over screens indulging in so-called 'games' of insensate violence?
At Chelsea itself, they'll be disporting themselves in marquee displays and making an exhibition of themselves in show gardens - their drumstick flower heads heightening the rhythm.
Having the lead soprano and a number of young hangers-on disporting themselves in bikinis certainly kept me awake even in the searing heat of last weekend, but it won nul points from my geriatric companions, who could be heard at the interval loudly condemning the production as "absolutely disgusting" and "very, very silly".
A postcard, if you like, bears witness to all kinds of things, whether it be smartly-dressed figures in a Continental cafe, or passengers disporting themselves on a cruise liner in the 1930s.
The low, quiet, egg-colored buildings of the Quadrangle Research Park exude undisputed authority, disporting upon their square shoulders imposing acronyms rendered in smooth microplastic, facing, always, the rising sun.
He mopes around the flat, mostly in sweaty, stained tee-shirts disporting pharmaceutical draw cards--like Viagra--and his confidence and swagger has completely deflated.
For example, Pine's engraving, English Fireships Dislodging the Spanish Fleet before Calais, shows the inhabitants of Calais disporting themselves as if by day; 'But we now know the fireships went in at midnight', Oakshett points out.
On this occasion it's Down Under Night at the track, a theme underlined by the presence of two men in supersized kangaroo suits disporting themselves on the lawn and a hunky surfer dude flanked by two surfer babes in inordinately short red shorts.
It contained a calendar featuring some naked golfers disporting themselves on one of the Mediterranean courses I'd played only a couple of days before.
REPORTS of the Earl of March barring chavvy dressers who besmirch his "glorious" Goodwood Races, reminds Mr Brocklebank of flesh-exposing sirens disporting themselves at last year's Aintree Ladies' Day.
Disporting themselves lethargically about Bunny Christie's huge open living room--more like a waiting room--they gaze out the rain drenched windows and fret about their past, present and future.
Kaplan relates a visit to a public aquarium in Israel on the shores of the Red Sea: "There, a lush coral reef supports a veritable horde of mind-boggling Red Sea fishes and invertebrates disporting themselves in front of glass windows .
Three rowdy 'teenagers' were disporting themselves in the mud, horsing around and making nuisances of themselves.