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Synonyms for disport

to occupy oneself with amusement or diversion

to make a public and usually ostentatious show of

activity engaged in for relaxation and amusement

Synonyms for disport

occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion


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In a delicious twist, the Imperial arrogance of ancient Japan is replaced by a more contemporary imperialism disported to this very day by our American cousins.
Whatever your prejudice (the "Islamic" bomb being the current nightmare) it remains true that over the last five decades, one or more of the big five, the "responsible" nuclear powers, has dropped the atomic bomb on civilians, dumped hot reactor cores in the ocean, secretly released radioactivity over cities, killed an unarmed civilian in defense of a testing program, blown up bombs in the territory of indigenous peoples and generally disported themselves as if the planet were a private battlefield.
In England the greenwood was the place where the king disported his power in the royal hunt yet redressed the injustices of his officers.
Back in 1970 there were a handful of car mags to choose from, while the top shelf only boasted two titles, Mayhouse and Pentfair (I think they were called) whose ladies disported themselves rather more modestly than they do today.
Prices in this neck of the woods are good, but not spectacularly so - more than the area south of here in which the Blairs disported themselves and certainly more than Spain, which has to be the bargain basement of Europe.
It starts with a dusty and bloodied Jake Lonergan (Craig), prostrate in the dust, who regains consciousness and wonders about his name, why he is there, and why he has on his wrist a state-of-the art manacle which is more macho than the Tag Hauer disported by di Caprio on the back page of TIME magazine.
Here on Poipu, the Hawaiian kings once disported, living in grass huts and worshiping in stone temples called heiau, one of which, built in 1600, stands restored and resolute along the shore in view of those who come to dine at Waiohai Terrace.
John Bryson, an Oxford don, chortled away when he sat in a wicker chair in Donegal, and Cardinal Heard, also a Balliol man, looked wistfully out of the window at a swimming pool where young novices disported themselves, at the English college in Rome.
Millions of words have been written about the hierarchical standing of great golfers, vast catalogues compiled about the courses on which they disported themselves.
It was a cold evening, and a few glowing braziers had been helpfully disported about the place while the audience stood and watched the action that was happening above, on a half-circle of scaffolding.
The 'cream' of the scribbling talent from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales disported themselves over the magnificent courses of Druids Glen and The European and my words so far are a desperate denial of any argument that you have to be a good player to be an acceptable chronicler.
It appears that if any garment needs two pegs to be properly disported on this lady's line, then those two pegs have to be the same colour.
Saint Sebastian was the early Christian martyr tied to a tree or post and shot with arrows, and in these dark, dramatically lit paintings it is the pale flesh of the raised arms tied at the wrist, the variously disported legs and twisting nude torsos that emerge out of the gloom to turn slowly across the wall as if frozen in their danse macabre.
The great house fell into disrepair while ever increasing bands of hangers-on disported themselves in the stately rooms.
He wore expensive suits and jewellery, moved into exclusive white neighbourhoods and disported openly (and privately) with white women.