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Synonyms for displeasure

Synonyms for displeasure

unfavorable opinion or judgment

Words related to displeasure

the feeling of being displeased or annoyed or dissatisfied with someone or something

References in classic literature ?
Many are under the displeasure of the Republic, and must look out at the little window.
When I was just preparing to pay my attendance on the emperor of Blefuscu, a considerable person at court (to whom I had been very serviceable, at a time when he lay under the highest displeasure of his imperial majesty) came to my house very privately at night, in a close chair, and, without sending his name, desired admittance.
Hindbad was not a little surprised at this summons, and feared that his unguarded words might have drawn upon him the displeasure of Sindbad, so he tried to excuse himself upon the pretext that he could not leave the burden which had been entrusted to him in the street.
Captain Nemo, to Ned Land's great displeasure, did not like the neighbourhood of the inhabited coasts of Brazil, for we went at a giddy speed.
He did not express any open displeasure, but threw Rataziaev a curious look, and removed his hand from his shoulder.
We will, however, since you so bid us, refrain from actual fighting, but we will make serviceable suggestions to the Argives that they may not all of them perish in your displeasure.
It is well, Benjamin,” interrupted Marmaduke, observing that his daughter manifested displeasure at the major-domo’s familiarity; “but you forget there is a lady in company, and the women love to do most of the talking themselves.
It is my greatest boast that I have incurred the displeasure of my Father
But the removal of his alarm did his niece no service: as her unaccountableness was confirmed his displeasure increased; and getting up and walking about the room with a frown, which Fanny could picture to herself, though she dared not lift up her eyes, he shortly afterwards, and in a voice of authority, said, "Have you any reason, child, to think ill of Mr.
I am sorry to have incurred his displeasure, but can expect nothing better while he is so very eager in Lady Susan's justification.
The North American Review could not, without some displeasure, contemplate so much glory monopolized by England.
Monsieur Gourville, and you, Monsieur - " and he did not name La Fontaine, "I cannot, without sensible displeasure, see you come to plead for one of the greatest criminals it is the duty of justice to punish.
I cannot find words to express to you my displeasure.
Was the faint shadow of a frown that crossed her brow an indication of displeasure at the sight that met her eyes, or did the brilliant rays of the noonday sun distress her?
and the King left the apartment followed by his gentlemen, all of whom had drawn away from the Earl of Leicester when it became apparent that the royal displeasure was strong against him.