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Synonyms for displeasing

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causing displeasure or lacking pleasing qualities

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It reads: "We have been established for over 100 years and have been pleasing and displeasing customers ever since.
There are some eyesores so displeasing in and around the UK that they can only be one thing, an entrance to hell.
Here one also found perverse metal prosthetics, such as the harness for an index finger that plays a key role in Schinwald's eccentric masterwork Dicitio pii (Dictation of the Blessings), 2001, a film driven by the logic of the unconscious and concerned with the power of gestures and the potential of the displeasing.
There are some indications, as well, that Bruce is anxious to avoid displeasing her conservative audience.
La Rochefoucauld opened the subject of envy nicely with a silver stiletto, when he wrote: "In the misfortune of our best friends, we always find something that is not displeasing to us.