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Synonyms for displease

Synonyms for displease

to be very disagreeable to

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For, if you displease our powerful Ruler, your journey will surely prove a failure; whereas, if you make a friend of Ozma, she will gladly assist you.
Feast away in triumph, and take your fill of the argument; I will not oppose you, lest I should displease the company.
There's no reason we should be near people who displease us or whom we displease, thanks to our money.
Besides, such a complete retirement seemed to imply a satisfactory amount of trust in their officers, and to be trusted displeases no seaman worthy of the name.
But since it displeases you, I would that I were called Goton.
We will not marry, since that displeases thee; and then, what am I?
stealing horses, killing police (and others who displease them), and chasing women.
Yet in all that time, the translator was so afraid of saying anything that might displease Stalin that he avoided translating anything.
For example, her assertion that "I have tried to develop a history from below free from preoccupations with the making of a working class and the congealing of class consciousness, social mobility in the raw, or old-fashioned demonstrations of the 'contributions' of immigrants" is sure to displease some social and cultural historians who take their lead from E.
He distanced himself from House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), who has called on Congress to explore ways to penalize judges who issue rulings that displease conservatives.
Evans's handling of source materials is the only part of the study which may displease some scholars.
In addition, Roll Call, a Capitol Hill newspaper, pointed out that Barton has called for impeaching federal judges who hand down rulings that displease social conservatives.
But it could displease the universities if it doesn't raise the money they need.
They feel concerned that if they do something to displease, Mom or Dad might bail out on them.
In addition, he says, evidence that females are more interested in social approval suggests they deceive so as not to displease an experimenter and, possibly, to avoid punishment.