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a window of a store facing onto the street

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Boro will sit in a display window, demonstrating the capabilities of the product.
In an adjacent display window hang copies of several certificates honoring the pharmacy and its employees for dispensing first aid and medication - free of charge or at cost - to quake victims in the first chaotic days of the disaster.
The front panel Electronic Display Window gives instantaneous response to an array of descriptive information.
PASS 3200 features include remote control over a network, graphical display for quick data display, real-time engineering unit conversions, and the ability to time-correlate and simultaneously view data from multiple data buses in a single display window.
The recipient will then see their GloPhone display window flash - indicating that they have a GloMessage waiting - and can then listen to the audio message and reply.
To reduce support requirements and enhance end user satisfaction, the ASK Proxima C170 includes a suite of user-friendly features including an LCD display window that communicates on-going status information, color-coded cables, simplified keypads, menus and remote controls.
HOODED thieves forced their way into a jewellery shop and smashed a display window before making off with hundreds of pounds worth of gold.
A display window at Decor 80, Westbourne Road, Marsh, was damaged when an object was thrown at the building.
The suspects who sack the golds broke the display window and threw fireworks into the store.
The two raiders rode up to the Llansamlet Tesco store and smashed the display window at 7.
Recently, an intimidating Sadrist group entered a lingerie store in the movement's Baghdad stronghold of Sadr City and brusquely told its owner to take bras and under-wear out of his display window.
raider brandishes gun as accomplice grabs watches on display Window smasher.
The men were seen breaking into a display window at the front of the store by several people who called the police.
The Bump Out 48 Display Window offers a panoramic view of cars and outside activity while providing three adjustable display shelves.