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a glass container used to store and display items in a shop or museum or home

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The shutters on the shop were closed yesterday evening but witnesses said display cabinets inside had been broken.
New high-technology display cabinets are providing retailers with enhanced product visibility, reduced energy costs, increased pack-out and lower shrink.
It is understood he apologised in advance for his actions and recommended they stood back away from the display cabinets.
It now has new shelving, carpets, decorations and display cabinets as well as better access and facilities for the disabled.
Golf clubs are being told to check their display cabinets after a 140-year-old Philp Longnose putter was sold for pounds 70,000 at an Edinburgh golfing memorabilia auction.
Large glass display cabinets with drawers underneath and a unit to store buttons, threads and wool are among the fittings available.
Part of the Carter Thermal Industries (CTI) group, CRE is one of the leading UK manufacturers of refrigerated display cabinets and supplies to most of the country's major supermarkets.
Pillomat matting, originally developed for covering non-floor surfaces such as benches, shelves and display cabinets, is increasingly being used by the retail and food industry.
The room itself will boast a glowing luminous ceiling, battered walls and display cabinets of solid cherry, and an intricate inlaid wood floor based on traditional Indian designs.
The pair were looking in display cabinets at Argos, in The Burges, when another customer put her bag on the counter.
Each platform ended in big display cabinets with vertical drawers you could pull our to examine a photograp hic archive of Kelley's research on "culture" as it appeared in his suburban Detroit hometown newspapers from 1968 through 1972, the period, as Kelley wrote in a short essay to accompany the exhibition, "from when I first developed an interest in fine art to the time I moved away from home.
Stocked with creatures seized by the Revolutionary armies from all over Europe (a sort of zoological Louvre) it was, significantly, laid out like a Picturesque park -- a Rousseauesque semblance of Nature -- while the buildings themselves housed caged animals as if in museum display cabinets.
As food retailers and convenience store operators have discovered the vast profit potential in convenience foods, they have come to know Hatco as a primary source for both standard and custom-built merchandising units, foodwarming equipment, holding and display cabinets, and water heating equipment for improved sanitation.
England might consider itself the mother of football, but Scotland is undoubtedly the father and the first four display cabinets alone prove why the museum is already the envy of the world game.
When Mr Bourn retired Eileen and his son, Ron junior, took over the shop and started a sideline in 1981 making display cabinets for collectors.