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a vertical surface on which information can be displayed to public view

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Accessing the BOM Estimation of the cost of the PCB BOM Cost - Main Board BOM Cost - Display Board BOM Cost - Detection and Motor Board Estimation of the cost of the Housing Parts BOM Housing BOM Packaging Material Cost Breakdown Accessing the Added Value (AV) cost Main Board Manufacturing Flow Details of the Main Board AV Cost Display Board Manufacturing Flow and AV Cost Details of the Housing AV Cost Details of the Packaging AV Cost Added Value Cost Breakdown Manufacturing Cost Breakdown
He added: "Our lookalike display board intercepts the vote totals that the machine is trying to display and replaces them with dishonest totals - basically whatever the bad guy wants to show up at the end of the election.
The airlines of the southern Persian Gulf countries flying to Iran are warned to use the term Persian Gulf on their electronic display boards," Road and Transport Minister Hamid Behbahani said in comments in the daily Iran newspaper.
Under the agreement, the BSE will display Gulf Finance House's name and logo on the electronic display board which will show prices and information related to trading activity on the trading floor.
Under the agreement, the BSE will display UGB's name and logo on the electronic display board.
Available in nine different sizes and 37 models with varying heights of shaded bars, these kits allow users to create their own visual display board and adapt it to any project.
A display board showing photographs of abortions was also seized.
Alcan Composites USA introduces their Heat-Activated graphic display board to provide increased protection for artwork in a time-saving, cost-effective, easy-to-use mounting package.
A new display board with information about the kittiwakes is also to be installed by Newcastle City Council on the Quayside to coincide with the Tall Ships' visit to Tyneside.
The instructions to make the tail rotor hardware display board do not allow for the rotation of the tail rotor which may happen while it is disassembled.
How to Draw a Square, 1999, color video projection on easel display board (two views), 12 minutes.
Maureen Newman, the car's owner, said: "I am resigned to the fact that I may never see my car again but without the display board the health awareness days we had planned for next month will have to be cancelled.
One member in Roberson's group puts members' business cards on a display board for clients to pick up.
Cannon and Wal-Mart promote the partnership with Goodwill through the use of a point-of-purchase display board.
In a preview of the show last summer at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute, there was minimal mention of gays scattered throughout: a historical dateline of the disease's progression notes that Rock Hudson died of AIDS after having sex with an infected man; it is mentioned that 61 per cent of people with AIDS in America are homosexuals, and there is a photo of a man with thinning hair who is described on the display board next to his image as an "interior designer.